Happie Hoffman Eyes A Shooting Star Close To Home

The singer-songwriter pays tribute to her father in the first preview of her new EP.

Happie Hoffman basks in the light of a Shooting Star in her own family with her new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Hoffman, known in the music world simply as Happie, has released a touching tribute to her dad just in time for Father’s Day. This heartfelt track marks a significant milestone in her musical journey, leading up to the release of her new EP this summer.

“Each project represents a chapter of my life, and Shooting Star is perhaps the most tender yet,” she says. “It embodies the lessons of love and wisdom imparted by my father, who always reminds me before a performance to ‘show them your heart.’ This track and the entire EP are my way of doing just that, sharing my heart through music.”

Renowned for her evocative storytelling and powerful performances, Happie has captivated audiences since her emergence on the indie-pop scene. Shooting Star builds on the success of her acclaimed performances at Austin City Limits and her debut EP Heartbreak Season.

Photo by Ann Margaret Hedges

Happie’s earlier work showcased her ability to craft deeply personal and relatable songs. Shooting Star continues this trend, delving into her profound relationship with her father. Raised in Memphis, her musical journey has been heavily influenced by her father’s role as a cantor in one of the nation’s largest Reform Jewish congregations. This rich heritage, combined with universal themes of love and identity, is a hallmark of her unique sound.

The new single not only honours her father’s enduring influence but also sets the stage for her EP. This collection of songs promises to highlight Happie’s growth as an artist, featuring tracks that explore various facets of love — from the tender father-daughter relationship of Shooting Star to the complexities of romantic connections in songs like Close. Drawing comparisons to artists like Maggie Rogers and Lana Del Rey, Happie’s music blends organic instrumentation with sleek electronic elements, creating a soundscape that resonates deeply with listeners.

Happie’s musical evolution is marked by her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level. From her beginnings in the indie-folk duo Eric & Happie, where she gained a following with modern interpretations of traditional Jewish music and heartfelt love songs, to her solo career that merges folk with electro-pop, her journey has been one of continuous reinvention and emotional expression.

Check out Shooting Star above, hear more from Happie below, and find her on her website, Instagram and Facebook.