Anikk Is Hearing Voices

The Swiss singer tries to find some space amid the cacophony on her new single.


Anikk tries to listen to the right Voices on her new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

She’s kind of like the calm before the storm. That energy that you feel before the first raindrops let you know you where right all along. The 23-year-old Swiss artist has a talent to capture her feelings and emotions in a way that her audience feels understood and can build a strong connection. The Grisons native knows how to use her dreamy voice skilfully. Whether in the studio or live — her songs are intense and stirring, always with a touch of melancholy. Through her honest songwriting she hits the listeners where it’s most beautiful, the heart.

In 2021 she placed third in the bandXost contest. In June 2023, her debut single Tgi Eis Ti? earned her plenty of play on radio stations. On her new single, Anikk deals with dreaminess as survival mode. Too loud, too much, too demanding — our fast world demands a lot. With Voices, she creates a space to dive away when it gets too hectic in the earthly. A sphere in which the many voices recede into the distance. A place to dream and feel alive at the same time. If this environment is visited too often, there’s a danger that even those voices that deserve to be heard will be overlooked.

Check out Voices above and below, and hear more from Anikk on her website and Instagram.


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