Groover Playlist 2 | Ready For Seconds?

Singe, Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux, The Wash & more recent online submissions.

I recently joined Groover, a platform that connects artists with critics like me for a small fee. Every day or two, I post a Spotify playlist of the latest submissions. You can find it at the lower right of every page on this site. Since some artists also submit Soundcloud and YouTube links, I’m posting those here. This is only my second Groover playlist, so I’m still figuring out the site. But based on some of the tunes below, things are going to get real interesting real fast. Scroll through these cuts and hear for yourself. And if you want to send me a track, you can click on the widget at right (just below the playlist) or just click HERE. Anyway, on to today’s offerings:

Native Sunz | Forever Are Diamonds

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This instrumental track Is off of one of three recent projects produced by Frank Reed and Stixx Jones of Native Sunz recently that are definitely worthy of a close listen and review.”

Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux | La Paranoïa (feat. Mae Lapres)

THE TRANSLATED PRESS RELEASE: “Music entirely composed by Anthony Cedric Vuagniaux and sung by Mae Lapres.”

Anna Green | Marks Of Life

THE PRESS RELEASE: “My name is Anna Green, an independent singer-songwriter from London. I am sharing with you my latest release Marks of Life. You are more likely to vibe with Marks of Life if you enjoy listening to Sasha Sloan or Ed Sheeran.”

ChrisWoo | Friday Success

THE PRESS RELEASE: “My first single! I was trying to make people dance to my song and follow my wave. I’m originally from Montreal, Canada. A new young artist on the map!”

Yard Nule | The Garden

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Garden is the latest release by UK Electronic duo Yard Nule. Yard Nule is the alias of experimental duo Ben Griffith and Hugh Vincent. They fuse an ecclectic mix of genres and influences from around the world with electronica and electronic production. Working alongside visual artist Jake Hollings to realise their vision and create myriad sound-worlds.”

Sebastien Lacombe | Gold In Your Soul

THE PRESS RELEASE:Gold in Your Soul is the first single of Sebastien Lacombe’s new soon-to-be-released album Fly. This magical and melodic folk-pop song, and the spark that inspired the album, is about hope, about light and about bringing back the shine in the eyes of a loved one: Featuring songs intertwining themes of love, longing and independence, the upcoming album Fly is a testament to freedom on the road to renewal, and hope in the aftermath of weathered storms, an album based on the universal idea of freedom; the freedom of becoming one’s true self and to go beyond one’s wildest dreams while overcoming heartbreaks and life obstacles.”

Singe | BTF

THE TRANSLATED PRESS RELEASE: “All your problems disappear as soon as you move your butt!” / MONKEY went to record in Memphis and put on his best leggings to help you free your inner animal.”

The Wash | TwoFace

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Let yourself be seduced by one of The Wash’s singles: TwoFace, a catchy, fresh and young track, taken from the album Just Enough Pleasure to Remember. The Wash is a music group with diverse influences. We find the sounds of Arcade Fire, M83, MGMT or The War on Drugs. The band is composed of Dave Quattrini (USA) and Jérôme Plasseraud (France). Simplicity, positivity, originality and eternal youth make The Wash a group with great potential that cannot fail to impress you.”

Ruben Paz | Salaam Marruecos

THE TRANSLATED PRESS RELEASE:Salaam Marruecos is a title composed by the Cuban musician Ruben Paz, in line with his compositions; a fusion between Cuban music and World Music (jazz, funk, Afro…). This time, it is the oriental touch which is honored in this title dedicated to Morocco, inspired by the many occasions given to Ruben Paz to perform there and by the warm welcome of his public.”