Sonic Reducers | Celebrating Joni Mitchell’s Blue

Join us as we discuss the singer-songwriter's classic album on its 50th anniversary.


Today is the 50th anniversary of Joni Mitchell’s legendary fourth album Blue, a bona fide masterpice that has truly stood the test of time.

Now, I will grant you that neither I nor my Sonic Reducers partner Eric Alper are necessarily the target demographic for an early ’70s breakup album by a female folksinger and songwriter. But we have also been around long enough to appreciate and respect the visionary genius and groundbreaking influence of Mitchell on multiple levels. Which is exactly what we do for five minutes in today’s episode. Join us as we delve into the legacy of Blue, explain why Mitchell truly is Canada’s greatest songwriter, and establish very clearly where you can find me on the Greatest Critics Of All Time list. Sonic Reducers. One topic. Two music nerds. Five minutes. Everything you need to know.