Indie Roundup (Doing The Dozens Edition) | 24 Cuts For Your Tuesday

Bankrupt, Bleach Everything, Protomartyr, Land of Talk & more get busy.

Bankrupt make a night of it, Bleach Everything rocket from the middle, Protomartyr worm their way forward, Land of Talk make a compelling case and more in today’s Roundup. Was your Tuesday as ridiculously busy as mine was? What’s up with that?


1 | Bankrupt | Nightbreed

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Budapest-based four-piece Bankrupt have released their fifth album Trolls In Suits, accompanied by a music video for the album opener Nightbreed. The video is about the adventures of an alien exploring the nightlife of a small town in Hungary with the help of the band, encountering weird locals as well as xenophobic propaganda. (The concept was inspired by The MenzingersAmerica music video.) The lyrics deal with Millennial frustration, meme culture and climate anxiety. Trolls In Suits is a blend of punk, surf, ska, reggae, hip hop and even ’90s Britpop and big beat. Lyrics deal with current political issues (presented from the Bad Guy’s perspective) as well as personal problems and tributes to punk rock icons. (Come Back Joe Strummer first came out as a fundraiser single for the Joe Strummer Foundation.) Present day influences include acts like Rat Boy, FIDLAR, Teenage Bottlerocket and The Interrupters.”


2 | Bleach Everything | Middle

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Richmond hardcore punk act Bleach Everything present a new video for their cover of Rocket From The Crypt’s Middle. Bleach Everything’s cover is found on the band’s split LP SDK x RFTCC (Septic Death Karaoke x Rocket From The Crypt Covers). For the video, the band invited fans and friends to take part in the video from their home quarantine during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Offers Brent Eyestone, “I think one of my favorite aspects of being in this band is that we can kind of just grunt at each other and things get made. After having a very dumb idea in the shower, I sent the equivalent of maybe five monosyllabic words in a group text with the band and my brother. Within ten minutes, Kelly started sending photos of his Glock, Graham was sharpening a machete and talking about hot tubs, Ryan drove to the practice space to get drum takes, and I was putting on grease paint while my dogs gave me ever-judging side-eye. Little did I know that dozens of people all around the country were making equally bad life decisions in that moment, all in solidarity to create a short piece of art that hopefully others can find kinship in during a time of cultural insanity. This video is dedicated to anyone stupid enough to go get a massage in a pop-up strip club at a gym right on the beach during the height of spring break. Also, Rocket from the Crypt is inherently better than anything you’ll ever see on cable news.”

3 | Protomartyr | Worm In Heaven

THE PRESS RELEASE:Protomartyr present a new single/video, Worm In Heaven, off of their forthcoming album, Ultimate Success Today, which has had its release date moved to July 17. Worm In Heaven winds with meandering guitar, mellow drums, and Joe Casey’s consuming voice: “I am a worm in heaven / so close to grace / could lick it off of the boot heels of the blessed.” Eventually, the track rises with crashing instrumentation and a repeated refrain. The accompanying video, directed by Trevor Naud, is a collection of abstract still images stitched together. It was inspired by the 1962 Chris Marker short film La Jetée and was shot using limited resources, mainly a 35mm film camera, with no film crew. As the video goes on, the images grow stranger and more off-putting.”

4 | Land of Talk | Compelled

THE PRESS RELEASE:Land of Talk, the Montreal-based band led by Elizabeth Powell, have unveiled the poignantly pretty second single, Compelled, from forthcoming album Indistinct Conversations. Originally planned as a May release, the album will now be released on July 31. Powell reveals that “Compelled is about being deeply attracted to someone who is in a (toxic) relationship, and wishing things were different.” All 11 songs on Indistinct Conversations were written by Powell (vocals/guitar/keys), and share the hallmarks of the Land of Talk sound: silvery vocals; masterful, at times cacophonous guitar playing; and a stream-of-conscious lyricism — here perhaps at her most emotionally vulnerable and honest. Powell produced and arranged the tracks together with her bandmates Mark “Bucky” Wheaton (drums/keys) and Christopher McCarron (bass), and the trio recorded the album in a studio built by McCarron in Wheaton’s apartment basement.”

5 | Ken Yates | Evangeline

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award-winning singer-songwriter Ken Yates shares a brand new video for his single Evangeline. The new song is from Yates’ forthcoming album, Quiet Talkers, due out May 22. “Evangeline is by far the most uplifting song I’ve written. It almost didn’t make it on the new album but I kept coming back to it,” shares Yates. “I think of it as an inspirational love letter encouraging a loved one to slow down and take care of themselves, which is probably something we all need to be reminded of right now, including myself.”

6 | Toothless | Grinner ft. Justin Bonitz

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Wilkes-Barre, PA metal outfit Toothless announced their upcoming EP, Misinformed, out May 5. In anticipation of the release, the band shared the new single, Grinner, with an accompanying video. The track wastes no time kicking in as vocalist Travis Antoniello belts out “Are you suspect of my motivations yet?”, unleashing on an onslaught of chaotic bass and guitar lines accompanied by pummeling drums. Featuring guest vocalist Justin Bonitz (Tallah), his eccentric style of screaming compliments Antoniello’s well, bringing a darker element to the turbulent track. Lyrically, Grinner serves as a prelude for the rest of the EP, capturing the anxiety of disinformation in the current climate. On the track, the band stated: “Grinner is this spastic, aggressive song that features our friend Justin Bonitz on vocals. For the music video, we feel like Alex Manganella absolutely nailed capturing and conveying that feeling.”

7 | The Room In The Wood | Diamond Clouds

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Liverpool-based The Room in the Wood present their single Diamond Clouds from their new album We’re The Martians, Now. The videos for this, as well as their two previous songs were created by the wonderful Mark Jordan. This album offers 12 genre-bending tracks, wisping you through sounds recalling The Doors, Nick Drake, The Fall, Burt Bacarach, Echo & The Bunneymen and The Velvet Underground. The LP features ace drumming by Colin George Lamont (Mark Lanegan, Dave Gahan), charming flute by Simon James and heavenly backing vocals by Helena Jacks. The Room in the Wood is Paul Cavanagh and Dave Jackson, who are once again working together after a huge gap since their post-punk band The Room split back in 1985.”

8 | Hallows | Subtle

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Seattle’s darkwave / postpunk duo Hallows have released their debut Subtle EP, a rich and racy dark five-track offering, available both digitally and on cassette tape. They also present the video for the title track. Subtle cautiously blends euphonious words about overwhelming struggles with unease and angst that one cannot overcome. Raw, aggressive cries of the same nature emerge, first acknowledging and then surrendering to the shadows. Subtle is about ultimately yielding – about that point when one feels the lowest, giving in and giving up, ending with a sorrowful, yet enraged “I can’t fight, I won’t fight.”

9+10 | Tenci | Joy + Joy 2

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tenci, project of Chicago-based musician Jess Shoman, is pleased to announce her debut album, My Heart Is An Open Field, out June 5. Today, she unveils a video for new singles Joy and Joy 2. “Joy is an emotion that’s always fleeting. You race to find it so you can fill yourself up, but just as quickly it can leave you,” says Shoman. “It’s a name that I’ve given to new love, a cake that sits out too long, the breeze, desire, solitude. The moments where you lose this feeling are just as important as when you have it. There’s comfort in knowing that joy will always be there in between the moments of self-doubt.”

11 | Same | Osho Tapes

THE PRESS RELEASE:Plastic Western, the debut LP from Same, will be released on May 8, and now they have unveiled a new single titled Osho Tapes. Same met each other sometime during their college years in the early 2010s, while attending shows in the Western Pennsylvania DIY punk scene. Born out of the ashes of a previous band that they played in, Same formally came together around 2015. For nearly a year, before the band released any music or played any shows, they wrote song after song, trying out different musical ideas until they honed in on a sound that clicked. “We spend a lot of time talking together about music, analyzing what we like or don’t like and why.”

12 | She Hates Emotions | Edge Of The Night

THE PRESS RELEASE:She Hates Emotions just released the second single taken off the album Melancholic Maniac, out on May 15. Says Chris Pohl: “Edge Of The Night is my second single and for me, it’s the song that most Blutengel fans actually should enjoy. Very melancholic and catchy. Nevertheless, very minimalistic as well as being produced differently and hence definitely a SHE song.” With all the danceable and catchy tunes, the She Hates Emotions album title Melancholic Maniac fits just perfectly: “The songs deal a lot with the fear of being abandoned or with loneliness in general, with love and death,” says Chris, who thus gives a lead to his devoted fans.”

13 | In/Vertigo | The Night

THE PRESS RELEASE:In/Vertigo, hard rockers hailing from Calgary, will be releasing their debut EP Sex, Love and Chaos this coming July. The four-song record portrays In/Vertigo’s intensity, drive, and relentless ear drilling musical expressions. It’s a result of their sound, says the band, “Sexy, Passionate and Chaotic. All the songs represent these three things in one or more ways. We want to get their hearts pumping, and veins throbbing. We want to be the soundtrack to your sex life, social life, your highs, your lows, and your deepest introspective moments.” The EP’s lead single The Night is the most groovy and bluesy song on the record, the band explains: “The Night is the perfect mix of Blues, Sex, Swagger and Rock n Roll. Playing on the Jekyll and Hyde saga of most people’s day persona’s and night persona’s. This new track speaks volumes about how people turn 180 in the evenings and/or weekends, bringing out their darker selves, and overindulging in whatever the night scene has to offer.”

14 | Ocean Alley | Hot Chicken

THE PRESS RELEASE:Hot Chicken is the new single from Australian kaleidoscopic rockers Ocean Alley’s anticipated third album Lonely Diamond, which will be released on June 19. Produced by long-time collaborator  Callum Howell at the idyllic Grove Studios (built by INXS’s Garry Gary Beers),  Lonely Diamond  follows the success of  Ocean Alley’s  acclaimed second full-length LP Chiaroscuro.  With its infectious blend of psychedelic surf-rock, the record propelled the band into national prominence. Drawing from the nostalgia of music eras past, Lonely Diamond combines 70s guitar rock, country, western, old school funk and synth-heavy new wave to create a deeply contemplative and atmospheric odyssey. Reminiscent of music legends including Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd. Guitarist Mitch Galbraith explains, “It’s pushing forward into the unknown… taking a journey to a different place or a different time that seems familiar or that you’ve been before and all the emotions and feels that come with that.”

15+16 | Bronson | Heart Attack (feat. lau.ra) + Vaults

THE PRESS RELEASE:Grammy-nominated duo Odesza and groundbreaking Sydney producer Golden Features have announced their new project Bronson with the launch of two contrasting singles Heart Attack (feat. lau.ra) and Vaults. The double release serves as the primer to the trio’s forthcoming self-titled debut album, set for July 17. Both tracks offer two distinct looks into Bronson, embracing an alternate identity for the trio in which they discovered a newfound limitlessness and ability to explore new soundscapes, free from any expectations attached to their respective projects. Heart Attack finds a weightless dreamy soundscape in lau.ra’s vocals (of Ultraísta), while Vaults explores a gripping intensity by way of distorted basslines and edgier cinematic tones.”

17 | American Terror | She’s A Bitch

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy punk/metal band American Terror, featuring members of Skid Row, Sugar Ray, Phunk Junkeez, and Grayson Manor, have just released She’s A Bitch, the second single from their debut album. The full-length record Influencer will be released on May 22. She’s A Bitch arrives on the heels of the success of American Terror’s recent single Judgement, which was released last month. The band’s studio and creative lineup includes guitarist Pat Valley (Grayson Manor), bassist Murphy Karges (ex-Sugar Ray), drummer Rob Hammersmith (Skid Row), and DJ Soulman (Phunk Junkeez), with bassist GK Via (Grayson Manor) stepping in live.”

18 | A.A. Williams | All I Asked For (Was To End It All)

THE PRESS RELEASE:A.A. Williams has hit the ground running. After one self-titled EP and the 10” vinyl collaboration Exit in Darkness with Japanese post-rockers Mono, the London-based singer-songwriter today announces the release of her stunning debut album, Forever Blue, out July 3. To mark the occasion Williams has shared a haunting animated video for lead track All I Asked For (Was To End It All), created by Craig Murray. Of the video Williams says: “I’m so pleased to have been able to work with Craig Murray on this video. Before hearing his ideas I had fallen in love with his hand-drawn artwork, so I was delighted when he suggested a video in this style — the musical textures of the song are beautifully complimented by his organic approach and focus on natural elements.”

19 | Bebel Gilberto | Bolero

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Here’s the new single from iconic ground-breaking Brazilian artist Bebel Gilberto, entitled Bolero. The new song, which Gilberto penned and performs in Spanish, captures a personal moment in time which she beautifully revisits. Gilberto evokes a dreamy quality that is infused throughout the new album and transports listeners, a perfect musical escape for these times. “Bolero is me remembering a great love that I let slip through my fingers on the streets of Madrid and the longing that has never gone away,” recalls Gilberto. “The two of us dancing in the dark-It’s a dream within a dream. The mystery of that special love few of us are lucky to encounter – it was as if Pedro Almodóvar was directing us in one of his wonderful fantasies.”

20 | Revel | In The Night

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A haunting croon and brooding acid bassline climax into an audacious rave anthem on Revel’s In The Night. Since launching a few years ago, Revel’s name has been murmured in the shadows of the underground as an artist to keep an eye on. He’s released tracks on Insomniac’s Discovery Project, Nullsect, and a breakbeat-heavy remix of gravesDeadsong. Inspired by dance music’s often forgotten history, the mysterious producer resurrects acid, d&b, and old school influences. Visually, Revel’s social media presence is stained in a devilish aesthetic, projecting stark red and black images, complementing his rebellious, unconstrained sound.”

21 | Mike Casey | Dagobah

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mike Casey is a melody poet. The New York-based story-telling songwriter, producer, and sonic alchemist is a multi-talented force whose soul stirring saxophone sound and creative use of phrasing reaches out with love and embraces your musical desires, one note at a time. A Star Wars fan since childhood, Mike originally composed Dagobah in 2015, equally inspired by Yoda and Star Wars as by his first training grounds, Hartford, Conn. Dagobah is an open ended reflection on the rich musical landscape of the Hartford community. “Much like Yoda hiding out on the swamp planet Dagobah, off the beaten path, there are some great artists & mentors who either live in the Hartford area and/or who teach at JMI that I’ve learned a great deal from.”

22 | Mikoh | Afterglow

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mikoh is Gabrielle Larocque, a French-Canadian singer, songwriter and producer. Inspired by acts that vary from Grimes, The Weeknd, and Linkin Park, she creates hypnotizing sonic textures shaped by a lifelong classical training in music. Her arrangements are evocative, hypnagogic and reflective, springing forth from her mind in the wake of a tumultuous coming-of-age. Afterglow, Mikoh’s second single, is nostalgic and sentimental. Taking cues from her inner monologue in the wake of a past relationship, Afterglow touches on notes that are equal parts bittersweet and reflective.”

23 | Pleasure Craft | Nothing Ever Happens

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Producer Sam Lewis, the man behind the moniker Pleasure Craft, releases his latest single, Nothing Ever Happens (feat. Mingjia): A moody reflection on being alone trying not to lose grip on reality. “I enjoy spending most of my time alone. It gives me a greater sense of control and peace. Although, if I become too isolated and safe, my anxieties creep in and my perception of the world can get distorted. This is what happens as the song progresses.” Although, the song is not about the current pandemic isolation, the mood and lyrics feel very current — which is why Lewis decided to release it.”

24 | Andy Jenkins | Far Away From Here feat. Erin Rae

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Richmond, Virginia artist Andy Jenkins shares a brand-new track featuring Nashville artist Erin Rae. Far Away From Here is soulful and lilting, steeped in hazy guitars, sprawling piano and an uplifting sense of ease. Speaking about the new track, Jenkins said: “Far Away From Here is a song about the after images of love, remembering those free and easy times, heightened emotions and lengthening shadows. It also describes the realization – after love is gone – of feeling pretty alright. I pictured someone at the end of a long day of traveling who realized they felt good for the first time in a while. ‘I don’t mind the way I felt today, far away from here.’ What’s the saying? Distance makes the heart grow.”