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Tune Into Dudsymil’s Frequency For Some Good Vibes

The hip-hop / reggae artist spotlights his sonic evolution on his latest EP.

Dudsymil is broadcasting on The Frequency you want to hear with his new EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Jamaica-born, Toronto-based reggae / hip-hop artist’s latest release spotlights his sonic and stylistic evolution, offering a mollifying listening experience over the course of its five tracks. This project also serves as a rebound from Dudsymil’s previous EP Deep Rivers, a body of work that delved into darker themes. In each track, Dudsymil and his production team consistently convey the theme of “good vibes” in various aspects of daily living. “The essence of the EP The Frequency is a vibe that I feel has been given to me by a higher power, and I’m excited to share it with the world,” the singer says.

On the opening track Party, the singer enlists producer Executive Scott as composer and co-writer. Scott heard Dudsymil’s debut and decided to come on board to work on this track, which was driven by the singer’s constant frustration with society. “I envisioned this being a world song that will enable healing while at the same time providing high energy required for partying.”


Followup tracks Policy and Symple share stories of couples in love, fusing authentic reggae and Afrobeat components into the production while allowing the listener to get lost in the vivid imagery and real-life experiences behind the lyrics. Dudsymil wraps up the EP with the title track, a collaborative effort with frequent musical partner and Juno-nominated singer Blk Orchid. The pair previously joined forces on the relaxing Sail Away, a song about seeking comfort in a loved one. The Frequency, by contrast, offers zestful energy and back-and-forth singing from the duo.

Dudsymil debuted in December 2022 with Deep Rivers, displaying all he learned and acquired since his debut to the scene. During that time, he explored music production and recording, laying the foundation for his sound. Subsequent radio play and the popularity of the track Tdot//Raptors We Go Hard gave him a career boost and left fans eager for more.

Check out The Frequency below and follow Dudysmil on Instagram and TikTok.