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Bad Skin Aim To Live Fast Die Punk

The young Quebec quartet unleash some old-school punk power on their latest EP.

Bad Skin are out to Live Fast Die Punk on their latest EP — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“The EP was written and recorded back in 2019,” the band reveal. “Our main goal was to take a step further than our previous album. We’ve all grown and matured in our writing, and it shows!”

Look no further than their most recent single and video Grey Day. It’s menacing. It’s loud. It’s charging. It features a classic “whoa-ho” refrain, a heavy bass and pounding punk percussion. It’s everything diehards of the genre know, want, love and expect. But they aren’t just looking back; they’re also pushing forward. Grey Day’s solo was written a mere four hours prior to its recording. “We had another solo before, but Caro wasn’t satisfied,” they shared. “The morning of the recording, she woke up with this melody and recorded it!”

The Quebec quartet came together after lead singer and rhythm guitarist Dope put a call out back in 2016. It didn’t take much time to recruit Caro (lead guitarist), Aurèly (bass), Christine (drums). With shared passion and conviction, the group began connecting with fans and raising awareness of daily injustices through their songs. Bad Skin were soon signed to Dance Plant Records, who are helping the band become “the best version of themselves and take off on that unbelievable journey.” The band are no stranger to the festival circuit, having already added an illustrious catalogue of major shows in their career. They recently announced a slew of 2022 dates.

Watch Grey Day above, hear more from Bad Skin below, and find them at their website, Facebook and Instagram.