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Santana | In Search Of Mona Lisa

The Latin-rock singer-guitarist pays tribute to his immortal beloved.

Old soldiers never die. And old hippies never come down. That much seems obvious from the back story of Carlos Santana’s new EP. The short version: During the Woodstock veteran’s first visit to the Louvre a couple of years back, the Mona Lisa telepathically informed him that they had been lovers centuries ago in a past life. Then, a few months later, Da Vinci‘s most celebrated model returned to the singer-guitarist in a dream. Not needing a third hint from the cosmos, he promptly penned this musical triptych dedicated to his painted paramour and recorded it with producer Narada Michael Walden. The nine-minute Do You Remember Me opens the disc with a sensuous, slow-grooving acoustic guajira ballad. The title cut finds Santana breaking out his searing electric guitar licks and wah-wah pedal atop a Bo Diddley beat and alongside gritty vocals describing his romantically spiritual encounter. The third blends jazzy chord progressions, a bassline from the legendary Ron Carter, orchestral strings and scatting into a smoothly gliding finale. Edited versions of the first two cuts flesh out the EP, which will supposedly be followed later this year by the Rick Rubin-produced studio album Global Revelation. Assuming no other priceless, timeless art treasures confess their immortal feelings to him in the meantime.

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