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Reverend Freakchild | The Bodhisattva Blues

The Colorado bluesman takes his music more seriously than his public image.

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Rev resurrects some Blues and classic rock tunes on this latest album and enlists some amazing musicians from the extended Grateful Dead family as well as the Blues world beyond. The Rev plays some soulful Slide Guitar and Sings his heart out / Melvin Seals (Jerry Garcia Band) plays some awesome Organ on several tracks / Mark Karan (Bob Weir, RatDog, Live Dead) plays lead Guitar / Chris Parker (Bob Dylan, Stuff, John Hammond Jr.) lends his skills on the Drums / Hugh Pool (NY Blues Hall of Fame Master Artist) blows some mean Harmonica / Robin Sylvester (RatDog) jams on Bass / Jason Hann (String Cheese Incident) plays percussion on a track with the young bluesman guitarist A.J. Fullerton / and Jay Collins (Greg Allman, Little Feat) plays Bansuri flute … Reverend Freakchild is also known as: Fordham, Bhumisparsha, Reverend Fairchild, Reverend Lovechild, Rev. Freakwater, Rev. Freakshow, Fordomatic, Dr. Freakjoy, Billy, Sal Paradise, Swaraj, Floyd Graves, Reverend Freakease, Rev. Voodoochile, & The Artist formerly known as Reverend Freakchild.”

MY TWO CENTS: The Rev may not take himself very seriously, but the Colorado bluesman isn’t fooling around when it comes to his music. This collection of classic covers runs the gamut from Chicago standards like Big Boss Man, Little Red Rooster and I Can’t Be Satisfied to Grateful Dead perennials like Friend of The Devil, Black Peter and I Know You Rider and even John Lennon numbers like Yer Blues and Imagine. What unites them: The Rev’s gruff growl (or warm rasp, depending on the tune) and loose-limbed, laid-back approach. In the end, he’s clearly far more reverent than freaky or childish. But he still brings enough creativity, inspiration and good vibes to the table to make The Bodhisattva Blues an enlightening affair.