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DIY Discovery | Von Hayes

Delaware's lo-fi legends double down with two platters of garage-rock greatness.

Most of the music I hear is sent to me by labels and publicists. But there’s nothing like getting it straight from the source. Welcome to the latest instalment of DIY Discovery, where I introduce you to artists who have sent me their music directly (and who don’t suck — that’s definitely part of the deal too). If you’d like to get in on this action, no problemo: Just click here or go to my Submit Music page, fill out the form and hit send. Or email me directly here. I can’t promise I’ll feature you, but if you’re as awesome as you think you are, it could happen. You never know. But first, check out the garage-rock geniuses below:

NAME: Von Hayes

HOME: Newark, Delaware

LATEST RELEASES: The EP Gunga Gunga Chi Chi & the album You Vape?

MY PITHY DESCRIPTION: Voices Guided by Guided by Voices.

FIVE ADJECTIVES FOR THEIR MUSIC: Unpolished, fractured, messy, freewheeling, enigmatic.

WHAT THEY SOUND LIKE: The distilled essence of every great song Robert Pollard has ever created — amateurishly recorded by your dad and his drinking buddy on a broken boombox, then dubbed down a dozen times and blasted through a transistor radio in the garage while your mom is out at book club.

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: “Lo-fi legends. All albums recorded entirely at home for only slightly more than the cost of a cassette tape. For fans of The Replacements, Archers of Loaf, Guided By Voices, Daniel Johnston, The Shaggs, etc.”