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Late-Night TV Music (Good News/Bad News Edition) | Jan. 9, 2020

Punk poet Patti Smith made a rare talk-show visit. Too bad it had to be with Fallon.

The good news: Punk poet, American icon and all-around legend Patti Smith made a rare visit to the late-night landscape on Thursday to read a poem and perform a fairly riveting cover of Neil Young’s After the Gold Rush. The bad news: For some reason, she chose to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, whose fawning, giggly interviews are so sickeningly insipid I can’t sit through them. Still, for those with a stronger stomach than mine, I have posted them below. More good news: He didn’t dress up like Lou Reed and horn in on her song, or make her play one of his sophomoric party games. More bad news: If Smith doesn’t float your boat, you could always try the aptly named Texas trio Cigarettes After Sex, who delivered a pair smouldering, languid numbers on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Apparently the songs were titled Heavenly and Touch, but honestly, they sound almost exactly the same to me. Maybe they should combine them into one cut called Heavenly Touch. That would be good news for all concerned, I submit.