Ayumi Anime | Sleeping Alone: Exclusive Video Premiere

The singer-songwriter shares her latest smouldering, seductive single.

Ayumi Anime promises you won’t be Sleeping Alone in her new single and video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

“This song is about love, real love,” says the Ukrainian/Korean singer-songwriter, Penthouse cover model and former adult actress. “It’s a story about discovering the real love against the love of money. (The character in the song) so confident and rich; she’s never loved before and was absolutely selfish. But she fell in love now and feels it real, it hurts. She doesn’t want the money anymore, because he won’t be sleeping alone again.”

The smouldering, seductive track is “basically a mix of two different genres, which I like,” she says. “I think it fits so nicely together. I actually don’t like to box myself into one genre, so I like to work with different beats. So I fell in love with the beat first and now I’m so proud of the song I’ve got.”

The video was shot without a preconceived script or scenario, but Anime wasn’t worried. “We wanted to focus more on the looks and visuals. We tried to make the visuals beautiful but still perform the song — but without being predictable.” And her previous experience came in handy, she says. “The music industry is sometimes quite nervous in comparison with the adult industry, where you have to work with different creative people and make everything right. The word ‘right’ is sometimes perceived differently, of course.”

Although a relative newcomer in pop, Anime has released several cover videos and singles on YouTube. She used to interact with her fans though her Instagram and now, she’s learning how to interact through her songs. Watch Sleeping Alone above, listen to it via your preferred DSP and keep up with Ayumi Anime via her Instagram, YouTube, website and Twitter.