Jadyn Lamb Knows You’re Better Off As Friends In Latest Single

The electro-pop singer-songwriter shares her latest powerfully personal cut.

Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriter Jadyn Lamb shares a life lesson about relationship dynamics in her new single Friends — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

“I dug deep when writing this one,” the Toronto-area artist says. “This is everything I wanted to say when I was younger, but kept inside.”

Gossip, ego, and a genuine lack of experience “ruined my love life in high school,” she admits, adding the song was inspired by years of stifling her feelings of discontent in romantic relationships, instead of communicating them. “I would practice the words over and over in my head, but when the moment came to tell the truth, my voice would always tremble. It was hard to tell people ‘no’ or how I felt.” One such instance — and the modern-day muse for this track — came when Lamb grew highly disenchanted with the direction the relationship was heading. “One thing became very clear to me,” she recalls. “We were better off as friends.”

Friends is Lamb’s second release for 2020, following January’s Bad Sign — her sweetly sung pop track detailing a toxic relationship and unhealthy behaviour. That song initially had an ‘audience of one’; Lamb penned it for her younger sister in the midst of helping her navigate an abusive relationship.

For Lamb, whose debut track A Day Off first came into play in 2018, the new song lands as an electrifying pop track layered with lush melodies that soak into the soul. Audiences familiar with previous recordings Water, Quiet Zone and Long Way Home will recognize the artist’s signature silvery vocals paired with powerful synths and spunky guitar riffs; the results are a smooth blend of electro-pop excellence similar to Lorde and Kate Bush.

Check out Friends above and connect with Jadyn Lamb via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.