Indie Roundup (Responsibility Edition) | Nine Songs For A Quiet Monday

Tropical Fuck Storm, Jono Manson and more will distract you from you-know-what.

Tropical Fuck Storm give new meaning to the term ‘cult band,’ Jono Manson has a drink with Joan Osborne, Phono Pony go back to school and more in today’s Roundup. I take full responsibility for this. Hey, somebody has to.

1 | Tropical Fuck Storm | Suburbiopia

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tropical Fuck Storm announce their Suburbiopia b/w This Perfect Day 7”, out physically on April 3. The 7” marks the first release since 2019’s Braindrops. A-side Suburbiopia is a lo-fi, hi-tech, sci-fi, slo-grind, disco scuzz, dance smash. Sung by the band’s Fiona Kitschin with guest drums and synths by Sean Powell (Surfbort), Amy Taylor (Amyl and The Sniffers) and Dan Kelly. The accompanying video, created by the band and Oscar O’Shea, is an epic exploration of the upside of being in a suicide cult and takes place in a parallel universe where their death wishes are actually sensible choices.”

2 | Jono Manson | Loved Me Into Loving Again

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Back in the 1980s and 1990s, Jono Manson was the godfather of NYC’s famed Nightingale Bar scene, named for the venue that kickstarted the careers of Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, and Joan Osborne, among others. Today, he released Loved Me Into Loving Again featuring his longtime friend Joan Osborne. The video features Joan as a bartender dueting with Jono at Bar Chord in Brooklyn. “I’ve known Joan Osborne since the very inception of her career,” says Jono. “We collaborated often, especially in those early days. I always loved her singing but to my ear, more than 30 years on, her voice sounds better than ever!” Manson will release his 10th studio album Silver Moon on April 10. The singer-songwriter, producer, and tastemaker has become something of a roots-rock icon, and Silver Moon is a milestone record for the cult musician, a vibrant mix of the reflective and the raucous that somehow manages to encapsulate the life and times of Jono.”

3 | Phono Pony | Back To School Special

THE PRESS RELEASE:Phono Pony is a glam-garage project from Canada. The multi-instrumentalist duo creates huge sounds with guitar, drums, vocals, synth and theremin. Phono Pony released their first full-length record, Monkey Paw, in 2019 (prod. by Howard Redekopp). The band’s new single, Back To School Special, is a fuzzy glam-garage rock track that was recorded with Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat). It’s been paired with a colorful animated video.”

4 | Icon the Great | Back For More: Tripper Remix

THE PRESS RELEASE:Icon the Great was formed when Zac Barnett (American Authors) teamed up with long time collaborator and best friend Evan Ambrose (Blacktop Queen) to try and create something raw, pure, and most importantly fun. “We both came in with clean slates of our musical pasts and laid down what felt natural and exciting. We crushed a case of Miller Lite, talked, hit record and let what happen happen,” Evan recalls. The result is Icon the Great’s first single Back For More: Tripper Remix, a ferocious emotional unloading about how nothing matters but you and the people you hold close. “Everything we create is the two of us and that’s it.” says Zac. “We write it, produce it, make the artwork, get our friends to help with videos and pictures, and if you want to come along for the ride then be our guest.”

5 | The Stone Eye | Ventura

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising from the ashes of absolutely nothing but the remnants of Uncle Earl’s canned Budweiser in 2014, The Stone Eye is an electrifying rock band from Philadelphia, PA. Combining elements of stoner, alternative, progressive, and garage rock comes a hard hitting yet catchy style of music. Following a plethora of releases dating back to 2014, The Stone Eye is at it yet again with their latest full length record, Ventura, released on 2/28/20. Today the band premieres their video for the title-track single. “Ventura was our attempt to write a somewhat wonky, disjointed riff and have it somehow fit into the typical pop music format. The whole thing came together rather quickly honestly, and I’d say that we did a pretty good job achieving what we set out too achieve” says the band. They add, “We filmed the video for Ventura during a day off in Connecticut between shows at a friend’s place. We had brainstormed an idea for it a few days prior- nothing special truthfully, just a typical rock video in the spirit of Weezer’s Say it Ain’t So. However, this idea evolved rather quickly as we began filming and the whole concept behind what the video was to be become got flipped on its head. We got some beer, found a little toy ray gun, and the rest is history.”

6 | Sevenn | Uber

THE PRESS RELEASE: “From the party to the afterspot, Sevenn soundtracks the night moves with a hazy, psychedelic clubland banger Uber. Sevenn has hit the ground running this year, with the ride-share-inspired single serving as his third release of 2020. Sevenn’s studio prowess comes from his unique upbringing. Growing up in a secluded Brazilian missionary community, the American-born producer had limited access to outside radio, TV and film. Sheltered from these cultural influences, he was encouraged to support local music and become an active participant. Access to a town studio helped Sevenn start recording with bands as early as at 7 years old. The solid foundation that this created unlocked new opportunities for him, allowing for his eventual transition into electronic music.”

7 | Korpiklaani | Pivo Pivo

THE PRESS RELEASE:Korpiklaani are pleased to release another adaption of their hit song Beer Beer. The newly launched lyric video for Pivo Pivo features Achsar vocalist Milan. The band states: “Today we release our Slovakian Pivo Pivo from our a dear friend Milan, from Achsar. We had timed this for our upcoming shows in Slovakia, however due to the current situation, we have had to reschedule to September. For our UK shows we had to postpone, we ask for more patience.” Milan states: “Story of my life, hehe. It was really fun and honor joining this project by side of the great singers from all around the world. Thanks for the opportunity. Cheers!”

8 | Significant Other | Obsolescence

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Five years after the end of his last musical project Inlet Sound, Montreal-native Michael Wexler is stepping forward into his first solo-project with the name Significant Other. Under the new moniker, Michael’s first release strives for both energy and intimacy built from the output of a brain constantly seeking serotonin. This musical project is a deeply personal attempt to put voice and lyrics to the ever-changing circumstances of a life examined. Stepping away from collective songwriting towards solitary musings that are vulnerable and unapologetic has been the trajectory of this project, although it has stalled for the last number of years.”

9 | Oranssi Pazuzu | Uusi Teknokratia

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Finland’s psychedelic black metal heroes Oranssi Pazuzu have unleashed the first single off their new album Mestarin kynsi (The Master’s Claw), out on April 17. Uncovering the intensity and the metal inherent in non-metal, the avant-garde and anti-traditionalist inclinations of Finland’s Oranssi Pazuzu have always had transcendental goals at heart. Oranssi Pazuzu subvert the idea of world domination to open a conceptual discourse on indoctrination and propaganda itself. Their psychological nightmare evolves a philosophical and earnest tone, where occult future meets troubled reality. On Mestarin kynsi the doors of perception are not only evoked but off their hinges. Working again with their co-producer Julius Mauranen, the familiarity served a greater purpose towards the evolution of the album. As singer/guitarist Jun-His puts it, “there is a city heart pumping on this album somewhere.”