Late-Night TV Music (Moody Dudes Edition) | Feb. 27, 2020

Goody Grace, Mt. Joy, Kaleo, Bad Bunny & Sech made it a man's world on Thursday.

You can’t always count on the late-night TV music gods to play along. But this week, they definitely got with the program. For those who have been keeping score at home, the nightly lineups have been conveniently alternating between women and men. We were due for another crop of dudes on Thursday, and we were not disappointed. In fact, the boys even took it up a notch, offering up a slate of uniformly moody performances. Start with Manitoba singer-songwriter Goody Grace, performing his tune Scumbag on Jimmy Kimmel Live — with the help of his pals in Blink-182, no less. Then check out L.A. indie-rockers Mt. Joy and their rich rendition of the single Strangers on Late Night With Seth Meyers. Next, watch Icelandic rockers Kaleo take a seat to deliver their track I Want More on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. And finally, close out the week with Bad Bunny and Sech’s Ignorantes on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It all turned out so week it’s like they planned it. Now, let’s see if they can pull it off again next week.

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