Indie Roundup | Six Songs For Your Holiday Monday

Take it easy to the sounds of Red mass, Diners, Yard of Blonds, He Is We and others.


Red Mass grace us with their presence, Diners go commercial, Yard of Blondes go to their happy place, He Is We reach a state of grace and more in today’s Holiday Roundup. Go on and take the rest of the day off, OK?

1 | Red Mass | To Fall From Grace (feat. King Khan)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Created by Roy Vucino with Hannah Lewis, Red Mass has become a gathering of musicians and artists from around the globe. The band has amassed more than 100 participating artists and musicians in its ranks including Mike Watt, Mac DeMarco, Evan Dando, as well as members of Fly Pan Am, The Black Lips, and Godspeed You! Black Emperor among others. Their new video, To Fall From Grace, features King Khan on vocals and is a driving punk track off their new album Hopeless Noise.”

2 | Diners | Cup of Coffee

THE PRESS RELEASE:Leisure World (out April 24th) is the latest album from singer-songwriter Tyler Blue Broderick, who performs with the project Diners. Not only is it the most eclectic and ambitious album in the songwriter’s (already muscular) catalog to date — it’s one of the catchiest, most realized indie pop records released in years. An album highlight is Cup Of Coffee, which evokes both the jangling, literate jazz-pop of Prefab Sprout and the dense headphone pop of Point-era Cornelius. (It also contains some of Broderick’s finest lyrics on the album.) In the new video, director Ambar Navarro puts Broderick at the center of their own glorious java commercial.”

3 | Yard Of Blondes | Lowland

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Emerging Los Angeles rock band Yard Of Blondes is releasing new single Lowland from their debut album Feed the Moon. The song is the result of a collaboration between Yard of Blondes and Billy Graziadei (from Biohazard) who produced the album. The one and only Mike Patterson (Nine Inch Nails, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Beck) took care of the mix, and Maor Applebaum (Faith No More) mastered the album. Lowland depicts the dark place we always go to when we are distressed; it’s the place where all our monsters live. “In the song i feel i’m going back to that dark place, but this time you’ll accompany me to get me out of there, just like Orpheus going to get Eurydice from death, except here the roles are reversed because Fanny is the one who is pulling me out from inside.” That’s how Vincent Jacob (lead singer) describes the lyrics. This song has a deep meaning for him and it was his way to describe his real anxieties and fears. The edgy, intense, and melodic music are widely influenced by the same artist that influenced the name of the band: Jeff Buckley. Still, don’t get it wrong, with its detuned guitars, haunting vocals and thumping rhythm section, Yard Of Blondes is the new alternative rock from the land of grunge.”

4 | He Is We | Amazing Grace

THE PRESS RELEASE:He Is We’s new single Amazing Grace is the first single release since 2018 for Rachel Taylor. The song is a romantic pop anthem that you will be singing along to immediately. “Regardless of how far I’ve tried to run from this industry, the unconditional support has pulled me back in and reminded me of why it is I need music. I’m blown away that I’d given up on myself and the heartbeat of He Is We never gave up on me. The fan base kept air in my lungs and brought me back to life. I just want to hug every person who held me together when falling apart became so easy.”

5 | Alex Dixon | Spider in My Stew

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Extending a blues tradition that runs deep in his blood, Alex Dixon — producer, bassist, pianist, and grandson of the late master songwriter, producer, singer, and instrumentalist Willie Dixon — returns to the roots with his new album The Real McCoy in March. True to its title, The Real McCoy — which introduces lead vocalist Lewis “Big Lew” Powell — is a no-nonsense, straight-ahead Chicago blues opus featuring a lineup of second- and even third-generation blues talent. Steve Bell, son of the late harmonica wizard Carey Bell, is featured on harp, while Alex Dixon’s 13-year-old daughter Leila makes her vocal bow on the single. Alex Dixon says of the forthcoming album, “We were trying to go for authenticity, and I wanted to showcase some of the things that I learned from my grandfather and make the album I’ve always wanted to do.”

6 | Natalie Shay | Not The Girl

THE PRESS RELEASE:Natalie Shay is a 21 year old indie pop/rock artist hailing from North London. The multi award-winning musician has established an ever-growing presence, media acclaim and a loyal fanbase through her explosive live performances and viral-worthy anthems, recognizing her as one of the UKs hottest emerging talents. Leading single Not The Girl narrates the relatable situation of modern dating, but through a fun and lighthearted lens. “This song was written on reflection of a relationship, but more from a perception of understanding rather than a big ‘f*ck you”, shares the singer. However, years after finishing the song, Shay realised that the lyrics now took on a whole different meaning, depicting the feeling of sometimes not feeling good enough and frustrations towards working relationships. Sonically Not The Girl features upbeat buoyant melodies, effortless vocals and vivid storytelling lyrics.”