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Short Subjects | 8 New EPs That Won’t Waste Your Time

Check out the latest from ACY, Hector Collectors, Swash, Power Trash and more.


You’re busy. I’m busy. Everybody’s busy. So we don’t always have time to sit down and take in a whole album of new songs. That’s where a good EP comes in handy — and lucky for you, I’ve got another crop of fresh submissions to share. You’ve got everything from the creeping terror of prolific Irish synth-master Alpha Chrome Yayo to the snappy, pointed garage-pop of Hector Collectors, the hardcore assault of Toronto’s Slime, the Danish indie-rock of Swash and plenty more. As always, I’ve included Bandcamp links wherever possible so you can buy the tunes straight from the source. Now, let’s get busy.

Alpha Chrome Yayo

THE PRESS RELEASE: “An ice-cold cocktail of late-night lofi noir, murder-jazz grooves and pitch-black body horror, Choke is the latest release from eclectic Belfast producer Alpha Chrome Yayo. Steeped in sultry analog synth sounds, this latest collection of chameleonic tracks is an intoxicating fusion of soft-focus somnambulist beats, and twisted jazz that would feel at home in a Tokyo dive-bar at 2am. Add to that flourishes of gut-rumbling bass terror, smooth Clavinet funk and white-hot black metal, and you’ve got what promises to be this acclaimed musician’s most invigorating record to date.”

The Hector Collectors
Do the “Ad Hominem” with the Hector Collectors!

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The band, who have been described as a Scottish Half Man Half Biscuit, consist of Iain and Adam Smith (no relation) who burst on to the Glasgow music scene in 2001 with their first home recorded album Straight Outta Comprehensive. Classic songs such as Laurel Park School and What’s the point in getting up?, coupled with erratic live performances, gained them instant notoriety and they were even championed by the late great John Peel. The group initially split up around 2004 in the wake of their critically well received Dollification EP as band members went off to pursue other projects, including; The Just Joans, Danananakroyd, The Plimptons and Camera Obscura. Since then the band have reformed sporadically for occasional gigs and recordings but have now galvanized a new lineup, ready to once again cause mass confusion in the Scottish Indie scene.”

The Slime
Bitter Dream

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Slime is a new blast of old hardcore from Toronto, ON. Aiming to mix multiple genres including old school hardcore, punk, and noise rock, their sound will please those looking for fast and dirty aggression. Drummer Derek Stewart and guitarist Robert Pasiak had lain down the foundations for The Slime through multiple projects, shows, and various line-ups through the past several years. In the Fall of 2019 vocalist Andy Mc and bassist Charles D. joined the group, injecting new ideas and energy and setting the current line-up in place. The riffs have come hard and fast since then with The Slime aiming to ooze through the Toronto scene in 2020. Expect to hear tight punchy tracks with plenty of grooves and riffs. Lyrical content ranges from traditional style hardcore to blurred and chaotic nightmarish ramblings.”

Osiris Reaps

THE PRESS RELEASE:Swash is a Danish indie rock band that began as a recording project in 2017, later becoming a full band in early 2019. Since their inception, they have recorded and self-released two EPs, ramping up for the release of the third. Following the formation of the live band, Swash has self-booked supporting gigs for international touring bands such as Pile, DUMB, and Mannequin Pussy. Swash writes songs that are simultaneously noisy and melodic, impulsive yet catchy. The sound is dominated by loud guitars and slack vocals, inspired by the early tradition of American lo-fi indie rock. With both guitarists splitting songwriting duties the sound is influenced by different perspectives all with a common drive. Osiris Reaps explores sonically new ideas while further refining the melodic ripping of their previous releases.”

Power Trash
Some Old Tragedy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “We are Power Trash, a mighty pop quintet from Queens, NY. We just released our debut EP, Some Old Tragedy. Power Trash is Brian Deodat – Guitar; Greg Furlong – Drums; Pierce Lydon – Vox; Conor Lydon – Keys; Kevin McAuley – Bass.”

Samuel Fianza
Dagem + Atang

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-instrumentalist and composer Samuel Fianza, credited as producer of dark ambient project Statua, guitar player of extreme metal bands Estraktura and Inhuman, has released two sets of film music. First is from the short documentary Dagem, a film that discusses the organic farming practices and challenges from the Cordillera region of the Philippines. With guidance from director Hector Badis, Fianza has borrowed elements from various traditional music of the Philippines fused with western styles of ambient music as an accompaniment to the mountainous landscapes depicted in the film. The second release is Atang, an animated horror short film made by students of Cordillera School of Digital Arts, a local animation school from Baguio City. This soundtrack features very dark and haunting tunes inspired by classic films such as Suspiria and Vertigo.”

Make It Rain

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bluebloods’ debut EP Make It Rain is a strikingly original and infectious work. Seamlessly blending classical, Jai Paul– inspired R&B, and EDM over five songs, this is a singular little record. Stylistically, Make It Rain moves to the pulse of contemporary sound: lush, acoustic harmonies cradle elegant melodies, punctuated by 808 bass and bursts of electro zaniness. Listeners habituated to Winnipeg’s excellent export of crunchy punks and folkies may be lead to conclude “We’re not in Manitoba anymore.” Yet this is very much a prairie record. Thematically, the Make It Rain EP deals largely with the ‘fly-over country’ that extends roughly from Michigan to Saskatchewan: clandestine dances in Mennonite Manitoba, Dust Bowl and dominatrixes, and the post-industrialization of Detroit. The project gently hints at the prairies of yore, with its train hoppers, explosive strikes, Red River rebels, vaudevillians, Franco poets, and homesteaders. Many of Make it Rain’s harmonies could easily be described as old-fashioned. But Bluebloods is a restless project, not satisfied with nostalgia, that aims to push the prairie’s culture in new directions — one attuned to the political disgraces of Manitoba’s past and present, and open to the cutting edge sounds of Tokyo and London. So enough with our grandiloquence, start listening.”