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Late-Night TV Music (Pop Goes The Week Edition) | Jan 30, 2020

Caroline Polachek brings the rock, Kesha gives us the fisheye & Louis plays it straight.

Well, we finally made it to another Friday, folks. And not just any Friday — it’s the last day of Theme Week here in the Late-Night TV Music compound. I’d like to tell you we’re going out with a bang, but it is in fact a pop. Or, to be precise, three pop tunes. No surprise there, since there are a whole flurry (or maybe slurry is a better word) of pop albums dropping today. But here’s an unexpected treat: The best (or at least most interesting) entry in the bunch is not the biggest name. It’s actually former Chairlift frontwoman Caroline Polachek, who pulled some strings to put together her outfit, then clambered up onto a giant fake rock outfitted with a mysterious red button to offer her eccentric little number So Hot You’re Hurting My Feelings on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Well, that was … something. By comparison, comeback kid Kesha’s fish-eyed show of Resentment on The Late Late Show With James Corden felt somewhat distant and detached by comparison. And poor boy-band refugee Louis Tomlinson’s earnestly straightforward rendition of his Oasis-style ballad Walls never had a chance. Better luck next time, Louis. And not for nothing, but you might want to consider randomly tying some strings to your clothes …