Indie Roundup | 12 Tracks to Make the Most of Your Midweek

Beths, Dears, Night Flight Orchestra & more deliver some Wednesday goodness.


The Beths want to believe, Edoheart is an original, The Dears go animal, Night Flight Orchestra stay golden and more in today’s Roundup. Let’s do it to it:

1 | The Beths | Dying to Believe

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Beths announce their new album, Jump Rope Gazers, out July 10, and share its lead single/video, Dying to Believe. Jump Rope Gazers tackles themes of anxiety and self-doubt with effervescent power pop choruses and rousing backup vocals, zeroing in on the communality and catharsis that can come from sharing stressful situations with some of your best friends. Rambunctious lead single Dying to Believe reckons with the distance that life necessarily drives between people over time: “I’m sorry for the way that I can’t hold conversations // They’re such a fragile thing to try to support the weight of,” Stokes sings. The accompanying visual is an eccentric four-step “How to be The Beths” instructional video featuring the band.”

2 | Edoheart | Original Sufferhead

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based, multi-talented artist Edoheart is set to release her new EP For The Love this Friday, April 10. Edoheart shares: “The theme of this EP is love and what we want out of it and what we do for it. Each song explores a different aspect of love.” Edoheart premiered the music video for Original Sufferhead today. The song derives its inspiration from the term, original sufferhead that initiated in Nigerian Pidgin English. The term refers to the Nigerian peoples intractable socioeconomic and sociopolitical issues, according to the reowned musician, Fela Kuti, who also has written a song of the same name. Even though the message of the song is about hardship, Edo chants “let me tell you I’m a fighter” on the anthemic chorus, encouraging the listener to practice self-love and to keep going.”

3 | The Dears | Heart Of An Animal

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Montréal quintet The Dears, led by husband & wife duo Murray Lightburn and Natalia Yanchak, have premiered the single Heart Of An Animal. It is the second single from their upcoming album Lovers Rock, out May 15. Discussing Heart Of An Animal, Lightburn says, “I’ve been trying to get Heart Of An Animal on a Dears album for a very long time, but for whatever reason it just never fit. Now it kicks off and sets the overall tone of Lovers Rock. It was by far the most difficult song to sing for me, as it hits the very top of my range.” Yanchak adds, “It’s a tender, psychedelic runaway train. You should be left wondering where this album is going and let me tell you… it just gets weirder from here.”

4 | The Night Flight Orchestra | Golden Swansdown

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The one and only The Night Flight Orchestra released their new album Aeromantic on Feb. 2, but this wasn’t the end of the story: Today, the Swedish hard rock super group unleashes a stunning music video for Golden Swansdown featuring dancer extraordinaire Ella Snellman. A remarkable fact about her performance: The dance was filmed in one take! Guitarist David Andersson states: “Golden Swansdown, the new video release from The Night Flight Orchestra, is a classic power ballad based around the themes of impossible attraction and the difficulties that arise when you let your heart rule your mind. The video was filmed in the pre-apocalyptic late summer of 2019 by René U. Valdes. This might be the last shot of Earth as we knew it.”

5 | Maybelleen | The Clock

THE PRESS RELEASE: “To accompany the first weeks of Spring, we felt the need to introduce this new beautiful love ballad The Clock. It’s about those friendships that can unexpectedly turn into something more, something obsessive. You’re in a funk and every minute turns into an hour. All you want is to be with that person you’ve only just met. The Clock is a bit of a clash, soundwise, with the powerful single Shoulders released back in March. That sums up pretty much why Maybelleen is the kind of band that would write the perfect movie score, they’ll make you feel inspired and ready to conquer the world and will also easily move you into romance.”

6 | TALsounds | Soar

THE PRESS RELEASE:TALsounds (the solo project of Chicago-based Lebanese-American electronic artist Natalie Chami) has shared a new track titled Soar from her upcoming full-length Acquiesce releasing May 22. Made while meditating on a new love and relationship, Soar opens with a heavy, plodding bass line and works in layers of long tone swells and shimmering sequencer spirals amidst climbing synth and vocal melodies. As Chami explains: “This improvisation had me reflecting on my new relationship. Was he grounded enough for me? Were we living contradictory lifestyles? Would we be able to find balance together? Was our happiness just a facade? I think all of my uneasiness came out in this song in an ominous kind of way.”

7 | John Stewart | July, You’re a Woman

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In a career spanning more than four decades, John Stewart swiftly progressed, from his beginnings in a Southern California garage band, through folk groups the Cumberland Three and the Kingston Trio, to a successful solo career. He contributed well over 40 albums and more than 600 songs to our musical universe. His song catalog is not only staggering in volume, but it’s also loaded with classic compositions. Old Forgotten Altars: The 1960s Demos comes out on May 8. It features five tracks that would form nearly half of Stewart’s classic California Bloodlines album, released in 1969. Of particular note, July, You’re a Woman makes its first recorded appearance here.”

8 | Blonde Bones | Cape Fear

THE PRESS RELEASE:Blonde Bones are filled to the brim with Indie Pop goodness. Their newest song Cape Fear is the latest single from their upcoming album Hiding Out, which releases April 24. Comprised of band leader & guitarist Christian Barnett, bassist Joe Rebrovick and drummer Daniel Ryan, Blonde Bones showcases a knack for melody well beyond their years. This upcoming collection of well-crafted pop tunes, while awash in a healthy dose of reverb, will find listeners slinking to the dance floor with its undeniable grooves. Hiding Out is a trippy and undeniably groove-hardy affair, with Barnett’s dreamy, psych-tinged vocals sharing the spotlight with chorus-laden guitars, swirling keys, woody basslines, and urgent, clever percussion work.”

9 | Madge | Ethanol

THE PRESS RELEASE: “One-woman DIY-pop project Madge returns with a ten-tonne, sonic boom of pop in Ethanol. Madge now looks to establish themselves as one of the most audacious and essential artist/producers working at the moment. Says Madge: “Inherited trauma as compulsive self-destruction. For every garbage fire I put out in my brain, I find myself dumping gasoline on another. I find myself wondering if I just accept this state of things. I created this song with Lecx Stacy who brought in the grit and grime to my vision. Mixed and mastered by Chance Lewis.”

10 | Rozette | Bite

THE PRESS RELEASE:Rozette has been sharing her big, powerful and technically masterful voice across North America for the past decade. Her upcoming EP combines and unleashes her #sorrynotsorry feminist spirit like none of her previous work. Rozette’s new single Bite is an empowering, quirky, pop track that highlights her soulful vocals.”

11 | Czern | Widmo

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Polish metal/sludge/hardcore act Czern present their crushing new album Zgliszcza. As the record nears release later this month, the first single Widmo has been posted for public streaming. The album Zgliszcza includes five songs which testify to the journey of Czern and to how the band’s vision of music has been evolving. Every song is different, although they are all equally permeated with aggression and darkness. Alongside slower riffs, which connote sludge, on the record one will find lots of faster attacks, loaded with black metal venom and death metal relentlessness. The sound of Zgliszcza is augmented by the deep, harsh growl of Łukasz, and intros composed by Michał Głowacki. Zgliszcza is all about darkness, captured in strong and challenging music. It’s the rigidity of hardcore, fueled by black metal strength and pure punk outlook on the world.”

12 | The Reflectors | Champagne

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles power pop-punk quartet The Reflectors have announced that the street date of their new album First Impression will be May 29. Champagne, the first single from the upcoming album, is available now. Recorded at Jazzcat Studios in Long Beach and produced by Johnny Bell, First Impression is full of punchy harmonies, hard-hitting beats, and catchy melodies. The Reflectors are: James Carman (guitar / vox), Ryan Miranda (bass), Nick Faciane (guitar / vox), and Johnny Reyes (drums).”