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Dead Tired | Full Vol.

Hamilton's hardcore hooligans combine their latest EPs into a ferocious full-length.

You can’t spell punk without pun. Not this time, anyway. Full Vol., the title of Hamilton hardcore punk hooligans Dead Tired’s latest full-length, not only nods to their balls-out ferocity and everything-on-11 power madness; it also cleverly refers to the fact that the hard-hitting half-hour juggernaut compiles all eight punishing tracks from their three recent EPs — appropriately titled Vol. One, Vol. Two and Vol. Three. Early adopters who are already up to speed on the bloodthirsty ensemble’s relentlessly intense Black Flag-flying attack will doubtless appreciate the addition of three new musical Molotovs from human blowtorch (and sometime Alexisonfire frontman) George Petit and crew — hell, the barnburning assault of Get On Me might be worth the price of admission on its own. Noobs finally climbing onto the bandwagon should be duly shocked and awed at simply being able to consume this much punk power, propulsion and perfection in one meaty full-meal deal. If I have to tell you to play this too loud, you’re too old. Don’t make me spell it out for you.