Indie Roundup | 26 Good Reasons To Stay Indoors This Weekend

Keep warm with hot tunes from Bad Waitress, Shadow Show, Annihilator & others.

Bad Waitress serve up a sedative, Shadow Show play charades, Annihilator dress for excess, The Grahams visit the desert, Taggart & Torrens score and plenty more in today’s Roundup. That oughta keep you busy for a while.


1 | Bad Waitress | That Sedative

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto’s Bad Waitress have not released new music since their debut EP, Party Bangers Volume 1, came out in 2018, but the band have been no less active in the interim. 2019 was a banner year for the band, who saw their burgeoning reputation as a live act grow while touring with bands like Fucked Up, L7, Rise Against and The Bronx, and making appearances at The Fest in Gainesville, Basilica Soundscapes, NXNE, Hollow Fest, Crystal Lake, Pouzza Fest, and Ottawa Explosion among others. Today, Bad Waitress are breaking their silence with the release of their first new single since their EP, the savage goth-adjacent punk squall of That Sedative. It comes accompanied by a video characterized by front-woman Kali-Ann Butala as looking like “if Beetlejuice started a band in an insane asylum.”


2 | Shadow Show | Charades

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Detroit-based girl-group Shadow Show has released the first music video from their upcoming debut album Silhouettes, out Feb. 14. Shot in the band’s hometown of Detroit, and directed by Bobby Harlow of The Go, the video for Charades was filmed entirely with a super-8 camera, a reflection of Shadow Shows’ retro style and sound. About filming in and around Detroit, band member Kerrigan Pearce (drums) said, “we wanted to include all of the things that make Detroit home to us. The live footage was shot at UFO Factory, owned by local musician Dion Fischer. The rest was filmed in various places, such as Belle Isle, Detroit African Bead Museum, and another favorite bar, Outer Limits Lounge.”

3 | Annihilator | Dressed Up For Evil

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Heavy metal/thrash metal legends Annihilator debut the shredding new lyric video for Dressed Up For Evil. The latest single comes by way of the band’s 17th studio album, Ballistic, Sadistic, set for release Jan. 24. Issues founding guitarist, vocalist, producer, and principal songwriter Jeff Waters of the track, “Evil in the guise of a man; that’s how I would describe the theme in this one. People who have no good in them. Destroying all in their way with abuse, lies, and negativity. Generally, just being a nasty human being and ruining lives in the name of money; thinking that it makes them special. It just makes them evil and a waste of life. Musically speaking, this one is as old-school Annihilator metal as it gets. It’s obvious that the vibe in this tune reminds us of the early days of the band; even extending back to the demo days from ’84-’88. A highlight for me in this song is the legendary voice of Raven’s John Gallagher on backing vocals with Durham’s Kat Shevil Gillham (Winds Of Genocide). An honor to have John on this record and his voice helps make this song a killer. Oh, and lots of shred guitar, as some have been demanding for a while! We hope you like this one… we do!”

4 | The Grahams | Painted Desert

THE PRESS RELEASE: “There are forces at work in the universe beyond the reach of our current understanding,” explains alt-pop band The Grahams about their brand new track/video Painted Desert. “Perception is a story we tell ourselves, and there is a world beyond that story. Watch the sunrise in the Painted Desert and you may catch a glimpse of that world.” Painted Desert is taken from their upcoming record Kids Like Us (out on March 27) and features vocalist Alyssa Graham’s gorgeous airy vocals, shimmering melodies and a raucous, rough around the edges feel. The track was the fourth one they recorded with Richard Swift in National Freedom Studios, but the band says it was on this track that Richard came alive and the magic of the music took hold. “Watching Swift embody the sounds and colors of this song was akin to sunrise in the Painted Desert. The record revealed itself at this point and we went back and re-recorded the three tracks prior, ultimately finishing the album with producer Dan Molad after the untimely death of Richard Swift.”

5 | Taggart & Torrens | The Score

THE PRESS RELEASE:Taggart & Torrens — featuring Jeremy Taggart, legendary rock drummer and multiple-Juno Award winner formerly of Our Lady Peace, and Jonathan Torrens, 30-year veteran of Canadian TV (Street Cents, Jonovision, Trailer Park Boys, and Mr. D) — debut the first single from their much anticipated comedy album due this spring. Blending Jeremy’s musical background with Jonathan’s comedic chops, says Taggart, “It’s been a blast performing a bunch of different styles in the studio, The Score is one of the hip-hop jams we’ve written. This album is a fun trip around the musical block, with plenty of laughs along the way.” To accompany the track, the dynamic duo have released a ballin’ video directed by Nicole Frosst featuring some beloved and legendary figures from the Canadian music scene…as puppets.”Ever since we heard that Gordon Lightfoot and Drake live across the street from each other we’ve loved the idea of blending those two musical styles,” says Torrens about the video. “It obviously had to be a diss track, so our Gord going after someone as equally loved and respected as Bruce Cockburn made us laugh. Three kings of Canadianity in one song.”

6 | Josie Pace & Sammi Doll | Perfect Replacement

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In what might be an epic clash of the Motor City vs The City of Angels, Josie Pace releases the music video for her new song Perfect Replacement. The video features LA artist Sammi Doll of IAMX and Bullet Height. Perfect Replacement is about how everyone puts on some sort of “mask.” Whether it be to hide a part of themselves or just to put away certain emotions to get through the day. Unfortunately sometimes it can feel like the people around you enjoy the “mask” more than the range of emotions people are. They enjoy the Perfect Replacement. Joise explains how Sammi became involved on Perfect Replacement: “We went to see IAMX at The Shelter in Detroit. We stood right in front of Sammi Doll for the whole show. Being inspired by their music and style we thought it would be a perfect fit for Sammi to sing on the track with me. We sent an email asking about the collaboration, and were pleasantly surprised with her enthusiasm and willingness to sing on the track with me. She has become a close friend to the whole team and I love being able to work with another female powerhouse performer.”

7 | Banisher | Devil In ISO 5

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Polish death metal act Banisher has issued an official video for Devil In ISO 5, one of the most intense tracks on their impending fourth album, Degrees Of Isolation, which is due Feb. 21. Recorded by Banisher’s powerful lineup including members and ex-members of Decapitated, Belphegor, Vital Remains, Hate, Redemptor, and Shodan, Degrees Of Isolation delivers eight new songs totaling 40 minutes of pulverization. Writes Hubert Więcek, “Devil In ISO 5 is a song about a mental inmate who was manifesting his displeasure of being held in custody by his insane behavior in jail. Even despite being held in solitary, his outrageous screams were driving crazy all other inmates. He was screaming, threatening warden and officers, destroying his cell, throwing food and feces all around, arguing with other inmates for tenty hours in a row until he passed out. After regaining consciousness, the whole story repeated.”

8 | Kreator | Violent Revolution

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sunday, December 16, 2018: The cold fingers of winter have already reached out for the British capital but there is one place in London that is set on fire as Kreator thrill their fans with an extensive live show and once again take their breathtaking performance to another level. The band’s new live album London Apocalypticon – Live At The Roundhouse will be released Feb. 14. Some format will also feature another breathtaking concert from Chile 2018, as well as the band’s headline show from Masters Of Rock 2017 in the Czech Republic. Today the band are teasing this epic live release with the second single and video for Violent Revolution – Live from Chile.”

9 | 100 Mile House | Worth The Wait

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Edmonton folk duo 100 Mile House have released Worth The Wait, the first single from their upcoming album Love And Leave You, out March 27. Made at Edmonton’s Riverdale Recorders with Scott Franchuk (Corb Lund, Del Barber, Scenic Route to Alaska), Love And Leave You finds Peter Stone and Denise McKay emerging stronger and wiser from some of the dark themes on their previous album Hiraeth. Worth The Wait is a prime example, a meditation on the couple’s struggle to bear a child, and their gratitude for it finally happening. The intimate performance is accentuated by a heart-swelling string arrangement that recalls the classic work of Nick Drake and Simon & Garfunkel. Denise explains, “Our writing has evolved from songs about Peter moving to Canada from England and the two of us meeting each other to songs about the struggles of starting a family, the loss of loved ones and how the visions you had for your life inevitably change. We believe our songs have grown in the same way our relationship has as we’ve gotten older.”

10 | Madchild & Tom MacDonald | White Trash

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Sometimes the least-likely duos create the biggest wave. Such is the case with viral sensation, Tom MacDonald and Hip-Hop legend Madchild. Tom MacDonald has amassed hundreds of millions of views, destroyed battle-rap veterans and broke the internet on countless occasions with songs covering sensitive topics like race, politics and conspiracies. Madchild has won almost every award the industry has to offer – multiple times. He’s the frontman of Canada’s most successful rap-groups ever. And after years of battling addictions – he’s making a massive comeback. In White Trash, the pair take a stand for low-class-American – the people who are often wrongfully painted as racist, unsavory and unwanted by society. A necessary gesture at a crucial time in American history, White Trash is as abrasive, controversial and honest as we could ever hope for.”

11 | Marko Hietala | Voice Of My Father

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Recently, Finnish singer/ bassist Marko Hietala announced his upcoming solo album Pyre Of The Black Heart, that is set to be released on Jan. 24. Today, he reveals the lyric video for the second single Voice Of My Father. About his solo album, Hietala comments, “Well, let’s put it this way: Nightwish is without any doubt my main band, and thanks to income from that direction, I don’t have to be that commercially aware… What I mean is that when I was coming up with the musical thoughts for this solo record, I was able to do simply anything without limits. So if I had a goal, it was to not have any kind of limits, but to prepare an unpredictable, spontaneous, adventurous, ferocious and intimate solo record. And now when I am listening to the final album by myself, I can say with my hand on my heart that I – or rather us – pulled it off… The record is a really diverse musical roller coaster ride that takes eager listeners into a world of strong emotions and deep feelings!”

12 | Great American Ghost | Altar of Snakes

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Boston’s Great American Ghost shared Altar of Snakes — the pummeling second single from their upcoming LP, Power Through Terror. The band also unveiled the official music video for Altar of Snakes, which was directed by Eric Richter. Power Through Terror, which is due out Feb. 14, was produced by Will Putney (Counterparts, Harm’s Way, Terror). On this record, the band breaks new ground sonically while maintaining the pressing hostility that has garnered their highly anticipated upcoming release a spot as one of the most anticipated metal records of 2020.

13 | Suicide Silence | Two Steps

THE PRESS RELEASE: “California based extreme metal titans Suicide Silence will release their sixth studio album, Become The Hunter, on Feb. 14. Today, the band releases their new single and video Two Steps.”

14 | Gee-Aitch | 20 Per Cent (feat. Alex Konrad)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Prior to the arrival of the new album, Gee-Aitch releases the music video for the highly acclaimed collaboration with Alex Konrad (Mickey). 20 Per Cent was the single that released the EP Coolabs 2019 and comes to close the first of three cycles dedicated to the “crisis of 40” by the artist of Porto. The video was edited with excerpts from Jerzy Skolimowski’s The Shout, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Ordet and Luis Buñuel’s Un chien andalou.

15 | Mono Inc. | Warriors

THE PRESS RELEASE: “German alternative-gothic rockers Mono Inc. present their new single Warriors ahead of releasing their 11th studio album The Book Of Fire. This long-play saga of blazing flames, rigorous persecution and bloody torture will be released on Jan. 24. This sound phenomenon of this long-play takes you to a time of burning stakes. A time where scholars ran for their lives and ultimate existence. A time when knowledge gained over centuries was systematically erased. A time of the inquisition. The persecution, sorrow and suffering that the bloodthirsty inquisition inflicted on her and her fight for freedom are wrapped up in a terrific way by these four musicians, formed around mastermind Martin Engler. This is heavier than ever before, but not without the band’s well-known emotional depth.”

16 | Soraia | Dangerous

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Philadelphia rock quartet Soraia will release their new album Dig Your Roots on March 13 via Steven Van Zandt’s label Wicked Cool Records. Soraia epitomizes raw power, unrelenting energy, chaos, and freedom. With a live show that is frenetic and intensely interactive, the band’s chemistry has been cemented through years of fierce, persistent touring from the dingiest dives to the most massive amphitheaters, helping them attract a worldwide fanbase. “I look at Dig Your Roots as a continuation of what was begun on Dead Reckoning,” says singer and frontwoman ZouZou Mansour of the new album’s relationship to their 2017 Wicked Cool LP. About Dangerous, she says: “I was listening to a ton of Jet and The Vines at one point, and just loved the recklessness – especially in the screams on those songs – and the pure Rock eruption of it all. It’s less than three minutes and explodes the entire time. Dangerous was born from that specific decision to write a song with those kinds of explosive dynamics and lyrics – and as always – easy and passionate conversations about the things we love.”

17 | Nobro | Marianna

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Having cut their teeth on the road with the likes of Fidlar, Pup and Charly Bliss, Montreal’s Nobro are releasing their highly anticipated new EP Sick Hustle on April 3. Today, they are sharing the lead single, Marianna, a total banger of track that contains not one but two key changes, along with a ripping bongo solo. On the track, vocalist/bassist Kathryn McCaughey explains, “It’s a song about a girl named Marianna. She is my best friend and the OG guitar player in Nobro. We thought we were going to take over the world with our “onslaught of shred and grit” but before we were about to play our biggest show to date, Marianna told me she was moving away to live on a goat farm in northern BC. I was heartbroken — absolutely devastated. But as they say “the show must go on” and it did and it still does. I wrote her a song so at least when we play shows she can still be there with me, always.”

18 | Armnhmr | Here With Me (feat Nevve)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Drawing listeners in with Nevve’s angelic voice, Armnhmr lay down beautiful surface textures and remind listeners to live in the moment on their single Here With Me. Here With Me continues down the path of timeless masterpieces the duo have forged through recent works Let Light Out, The Universe Is Yours, Silver Lining and Save You Now. Building off months of anticipation, Armnhmr are pleased to announce that their debut album The Free World will arrive next month on Feb. 7. Catapulting onto the scene with full force, LA duo Armnhmr (consisting of Joseph Chung and Joseph Abella) are no strangers to attacking all spectrums of Dance Music. With masterful original productions and beautifully resonating remixes, Armnhmr has built a loyal following as well as received strong support and recognition from high profile artists throughout the industry. Armnhmr is set for a monster year.”

19 | CP Unit | Orelius

THE PRESS RELEASE:CP Unit, the flagship band of avant-garde saxophonist Chris Pitsiokos, releases a new single ahead of their upcoming album One Foot On The Ground Smoking Mirror Shakedown. Orelius is a collision of funk-infused groove and angular phrasing. Bass and drums introduce a groundwork, before guitar and sax enter with a thorny melodic passage in a different tempo. The opening material only serves as a launch pad for the many twists and turns the rest of the piece take: kaleidoscopic reconfigurations of instrumentation, noise, and rapid-fire articulation, all with a consistent feeling of forward motion and organic development of ideas. If One Foot on the Ground showcases the work of individuals within the aggregate, Orelius reveals CP Unit’s ability to move as one.”

20 | Jacoti Sommes | Pulse Start

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jacoti Sommes is THE electro-funk producer from Columbus, Ohio. Today he releases a new single off his upcoming cassette Travel Time. Pulse Start is an unbelievably catchy electro-funk tune, one of those tracks that worms it’s way through the ears and into the brain, to the point where one has no control over the impulse to play it again, and again, and again. Orange Milk Records co-owner Keith Rankin says this about the single: “The track Pulse Start is probably the best place to start, when I first heard it live I thought he was covering a forgotten electro funk classic, it has an almost shockingly precise and simple composition that I don’t hear often. You could make comparisons to someone like Dam-Funk, or see Jacoti as keeping the vast Ohio funk legacy going (Zapp & Roger, Ohio Players, etc.), but there are also indications of 90s outsider electronics, deep synth ambience, and some Aphex Twin vibes at work.”

21 | Bedtimemagic | Long Kiss Goodnight (Kid Taco Remix)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Boston’s writhing duo Bedtimemagic has posted a remix of Long Kiss Goodnight, one of the gnarled tracks found on the band’s newest LP, Pillow Talk,which saw release in November. With a stripped-down and high-energy delivery, the gruesome twosome Bedtimemagic produces thundering noise rock-influenced grime-pop thunder reminiscent of the gnarlier acts of the Sub Pop and Amphetamine Reptile rosters. With Nicholas Pentabona on bass and vocals, and Morgan Berns on drums, vocals, and pedal organ, Bedtimemagic’s grooves explode on Pillow Talk, having sanctioned the talents of Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Daughters, Unsane) to produce and mix the album and adequately corral their tonal obliteration, after which the tracks were mastered by Carl Saff (Child Bite, Fu Manchu, Fifteen). Following the LP’s release, the band secured the talents of local avant-garde EDM artist Kid Taco, who remixed the track Long Kiss Goodnight. With the elements of the original blazing through in high contrast, the remix presents a heavily reimagined approach to the entire song.”

22 | Riotron | There For You

THE PRESS RELEASE:Riotron a.k.a Winnipeg electro indie-pop artist Jeff Fettes has released a new single titled There For You off his forthcoming debut EP Dark Highway, due out later this year. “There For You is about how thinking of the people we love can bring them to us any time we need them. It doesn’t have to be spiritual or metaphysical it’s just the power of our memories,” says Fettes. “When you can’t be with them physically, they can still be there for you across time and space. It sounds cosmic but it’s really kind of simple and comforting.” Sonically, the music of There For You draws on modern synth-pop and electronica sounds, mixed with 80s-influenced new wave guitar. Even the name Riotron is derived from the hit song Rio by Duran Duran and the fantasy sci-fi film Tron, all iconic to the ’80s era which seems to be a big inspiration for Riotron’s music and imagery.”

23 | Deanna Devore | Lately

THE PRESS RELEASE:Deanna Devore is a Chicago and Toronto based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer. Her music beautifully blends downtempo electronic beats with organic instrumentation, creating emotionally captivating music that has been resonating with audiences across the globe. Devore’s polished musicianship, modern production techniques and compelling songwriting emanates a maturity and sophistication that spans across downtempo electronic, R&B, neo-soul, jazz and orchestral territories. Following the success of her highly acclaimed EP half and half, Devore is unveiling her new release Lately, featuring a mystery vocalist who cannot yet be announced. Thematically the single narrates the insecurity and ups and downs of a relationship, detailing how love can often feel like an emotional rollercoaster until it finally comes to an end. Its mellow grooves and smooth lo-fi beats cook up a mouth-watering release, oozing with seductive melodies and velvety vocals, which highlight the featured singer’s impressive vocal range. Emitting a sensuous flowing cadence, delicately layered harmonies and a pulsating rhythm, Lately provides an alluring neo-soul track, showcasing Devore’s unique and fresh production.”

24 | Jeffrey James | Downtown

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville-based Jeffrey James is kicking off the new year with the announcement of a new EP titled East London. Today, James unveils the first single from the project, Downtown. The East London EP was birthed during a month-long songwriting trip to London in early 2019. James worked with legendary UK producers such as Geoff Swan (Charli XCX, Ed Sheeran, Coldplay), Jackson Dimiglio-Wood (Shawn Mendes), Dan Weller (SikTh), and Dan McDougal (Liam Gallagher), creating a uniquely cross-Atlantic record that draws on James’ Nashville influences, combining them with the blue-eyed soul sounds that have been dominating the UK charts. Downtown, the first single from the forthcoming EP, is a reflective pop ballad that explores the peaks and valleys of a relationship, specifically the outside influences that sometimes create chaos in an otherwise stable union. Full to the brim with passion, James’ rich, deep vocals carry the track across a minimalist piano-led melody.”

25 | Julia Bhatt | I’m Cool

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Everyone’s cool. There’s no need to pretend like you’re superhuman to be cool. Crying and going through rough times doesn’t make you any less cool,” genre-jumping indie artist Julia Bhatt explains about her new single I’m Cool. Working with producer and mentor Elliot Jacobson (Elle King, Ingrid Michaelson, Verite), I’m Cool features exuberant melodies, Julia’s fast paced wordsmithing and a slight twang, that adds a shuffle to the robust sense of confidence.”

26 | Solo Ansamblis | Baloje

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ahead of the Feb. 21 release of its new album Olos, Lithuania’s Solo Ansamblis has released new single, Baloje. From Vilnius, Solo Ansamblis describes its sound with the understated tag of “sad dance” – in fact, it is a unique and intense mix of styles, falling somewhere between stadium-sized EDM and moody post-punk. Using a combination of live instruments and electronic elements, the quartet conjures thumping energy and monotone melancholy, masterfully playing with the tension between these two extremes. Anthemic one minute, mournful the next, Solo Ansamblis’ music references Kraftwerk, Joy Division, Underworld, SUUNS, Suicide, The Soft Moon, Preoccupations and more. Baloje is a driving electro tune, whose electrifying pulse is balanced by robotic vocals, sung (like all of Solo Ansamblis’ lyrics) in the band’s native Lithuanian.”