Bubl T’s Dance In The Moment With Latest EDM Single & Video

The Hamilton popsters hit the floor with their sensual, atmospheric track.

Bubl T’s step out onto the floor with their new single and video Dance In The Moment — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

When it comes to pushing the boundaries, the Hamilton dance-pop outfit says “all things are fair game” — nowhere is this clearer than on Dance In The Moment. Featuring esteemed musicians in their own rights — Martina Aswani, Alex Whorms, Robert Bruce, Mark Shannon and Ruth ChanBubl T’s embrace a wide spectrum of genres and influences while creating their own unique brand of sound: Catchy, fun and danceable pop songs with solid melodies, engaging structure, and great production.

“Lyrically, the song reveals the thoughts of a young woman at a busy dance club who is only interested in dancing,” Bubl T’s say about the track. “Ultimately, she’s happy when she connects with someone to dance with for the night. That’s all she’s really after.”

The EDM version of Dance In The Moment lands as a sensual and atmospheric track, while its pop-version counterpart, set for release later this year, comes in with a more driving, stronger musical theme throughout. “Ruth did the EDM arrangement of this song,” the band says. “She took all the vocal melodies and chord progressions from the original, but wove them in her own way.”

Watch Dance In The Moment above, listen to more of Bubl T’s below, and keep up with them on their website, Instagram and Facebook.