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Supersuckers’ Play That Rock n’ Roll Tops Today’s Album Announcements

Eddie Spaghetti and co. will serve up their 13th studio set this February.

Here’s a bit of good luck — or at least good news — for your Friday the 13th: Eddie Spaghetti and his Supersuckers are putting out a new album. Play That Rock n’ Roll, the long-serving roots-punks’ 13th studio album, will arrive on Feb. 7, according to a press release. Here’s what Eddie had to say about it: “The Supersuckers have been doing this for a long time. A LONG time. And the fact that we’re still doing it is not lost on us. We still love Rock n Roll. I mean, we must. There’s no other explanation for why we would still be putting out fresh, new rock music anymore. No one NEEDS it. Hell, hardly anybody even WANTS it. But here it is. Another master class in quality Rock n’ Roll. Sure it’s for the few, the proud, the People of Impeccable Taste, the Connoisseurs Of Quality but it makes us happy to know we still got it. And we do. We might be better than we’ve ever been and that’s exciting. So here it is, our love letter to good, ass kicking rock n roll. Turn it on, turn it up and listen to the Supersuckers play that Rock n’ Roll!!” Personally, I can’t wait. I’ve been a fan for more than 25 years now, and still vividly remember the first time I saw their classic lineup live at Seattle’s Weathered Wall on July 1, 1994, with New Bomb Turks opening the show (and then storming the stage during the Supersuckers’ set to spray Silly String all over Eddie and co.). Of course, maybe you’re not into the ’Suckers. Your loss. But take heart; there have been plenty of other new albums announced in the past day or so. Scroll down to see the latest additions — including titles by Swamp Dogg, Body Count and Mark Kozelek — or head over to the Upcoming Releases page to see the whole list. BYO Silly String.

December 20

SOB X RBE | Strictly Only Brothers

January 10

Quest?onmarc | Phoenix

January 17

070 Shake | Modus Vivendi
Dardust | S.A.D. Storm and Drugs
Luca Draccar | No Sometimes Yes

January 24

Blasphemer | The Sixth Hour
Various Artists | The Ranch Soundtrack

January 31

John Borra | Blue Wine
Boysetsfire | Working Title
Caveboy | Night in the Park, Kiss in the Dark
Alex Dowling | Reality Rounds

February 7

Supersuckers | Play That Rock n’ Roll

February 28

Intronaut | Fluid Existential Inversions
Neaera | Neaera

March 6

Body Count | Carnivore
Swamp Dogg | Sorry You Couldn’t Make It

April 24

Mark Kozelek | All the Best, Isaac Hayes