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Joseph Brooks Organ Unpacks a Failed Romance in Lovelorn Album

The singer-songwriter navigates the stages of a dead relationship on his latest EP.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: Joseph Brooks Organ is anything but bereft as he celebrates the release of his freshly pressed EP Lovelorn — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

From start to finish, lush arrangements reinforce Organ’s lyrical storytelling, guiding listeners along a narrative path through all the stages — for better or worse — of a love ultimately lost. You’ll find hand-wringing, reflection and even a dark comedic underbelly. But mostly you’ll find Organ’s signature song-based storytelling in its purest, pristine form.

And like love, he didn’t do it alone. Mixed, mastered and featuring Damian Dobrowolski (Re:Verse, Tribe Called Red), the release also showcases the sonic stylings of Zach Bines (Weaves, Tim Baker, Sarah Harmer), Michael Tobin (L’Dor V’Dor, I Lost My Mind), Anh Phung (Hairbrain, Tullstars), Daniel Pencer (Andy Shauf), Taylor McGee (Musica Reflecta), Andrea Stewart (Collectif 9), and Spencer Cole (Weaves).

“This album was recorded in nine separate locations by nine different musicians,” Organ explains, noting the constraints in place due to COVID-19. “Eight of the musicians recorded in their apartments; Michael recorded his vocals for Best So under a blanket in Toronto’s High Park, much to the consternation of a dog that can be heard barking. Lovelorn is the product of endless emails back and forth with scores, recordings, and edits — most of which would’ve been unnecessary were we to have simply rehearsed and recorded in-studio together in the traditional way.

“The result is something different. In a way, it’s more special than if we had done it the conventional way. It feels very much to us like a testament to the power of the ‘will to create’ — that it transcends the limitations placed upon us by even global pandemic-levels of extenuating circumstances. Even during such complicated and difficult times, we had to make this record — and we did!”

Originally from London, Ontario, Organ has been a long-lauded fixture of the Toronto scene for nearly two decades by way of many music projects and collaborations — including his main live project Moves, alongside Bines and Cole. Bolstered by songwriting talents that encompass everything from choral works, chamber music and musical theatre, to folk, punk, pop and ambient — and pretty much any other genre you care to name — he’s released a dynamic series of offerings, including 2013’s debut EP Tape, the five-track collection Some Singles, a trio of January 2012 Sessions, the double-single Sunshine/Day Lady and now Lovelorn.

Listen to Lovelorn above, and keep up with Joseph Brooks Organ on his website, Facebook and Instagram.

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