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Indie Roundup (12 For 12 Edition) | A Dozen Tracks For Your Tuesday

Handsome Dick, Anna Calvi, (Sandy) Alex G and other share their latest sounds.

James Righton came to play, Hanging Valleys rise and shine, Handsome Dick Manitoba ponders destruction, Tōth gets his Romeo on and more in today’s Roundup. It’s the 12th and there are 12 songs today. Sometimes these things just work themselves out, you know?

1 | James Righton | The Performer

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After coming to prominence as the frontman of the Mercury Prize-winning Klaxons, recording with Arctic Monkeys, and crafting his Shock Machine project, James Righton is now set to release his debut solo album, The Performer, on March 2. Today he reveals a video for the album’s first single and title track. “Am I this showman up on stage? Or am I the dad changing nappies?” Righton says of the conflict behind the album’s title track. “Am I living in the moment and doing something enjoyable? Or am I fucking miserable? I find that really interesting: this idea of putting on a suit and becoming this other thing.”

2 | Hanging Valleys | The Shining Mountain

THE PRESS RELEASE: “U.K. duo Hanging Valleys have announced their third release Behind The Backs Of Houses and shared the album’s lead single/video The Shining Mountain. Thom Byles of Hanging Valleys explains what inspired the song: “The Shining Mountain was written at a time when I was obsessed with big mountain expeditions. I spent hours reading gripping accounts of individuals who had set their sights high, followed their own paths through life and chased their dreams to the top of the Himalayas. I became fascinated with discovering the traits these adventurers possessed which enabled them to view the impossible as possible.”

3 | Handsome Dick Manitoba | Eve of Destruction

Yes, THAT Handsome Dick Manitoba. And yes, THAT Eve of Destruction. No, I don’t know why either. THE PRESS RELEASE:Handsome Dick Manitoba was the leader of the NYC punk group The Dictators starting in 1975. Born in the Bronx is his first solo release and he is backed by a lineup of stellar musicians including P.F. Sloan, Michael Shrieve, Simon Kirke and others. Sloan backs him here on his opus Eve of Destruction, playing harmonica, guitar and on background vocals. Producer / Co-writer Jon Tiven says: “I suggested we cut a new version of my pal the late P.F. Sloan’s classic anthem Eve Of Destruction, and Handsome Dick was all-in. I even managed to fly in some harmony vocals, harmonica, and acoustic guitar from P.F. himself from some previous sessions I had done with him.”

4 | Tōth | Juliette

THE PRESS RELEASE:Tōth shared his new song and video Juliette. Arriving hot on the heels of Tōth’s debut full-length Practice Magic And Seek Professional Help When Necessary, this punked-out indie-folk track was composed (and ultimately not used) for the film Juliet, Naked starring Ethan Hawke. Combining the chamber pop melodicism of Belle & Sebastian, the wistful lo-fi leanings of Bon Iver, and the anthemic sensibilities of The Lumineers, Juliette is Tōth channeling an eccentric songwriter working through a fictional romance. The song continues the theme heard throughout Practice Magic of honoring and respecting an ex-lover, rather than taking a bitter perspective. Tōth recalls the advice of a yogi friend as it relates to the track: “We need to stop looking at every ended or changed relationship as a failure.”

5 | Hebe | Hurting Me

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising artist Hebe unveils the cinematic visuals for her recently released single Hunting Me. Out now as a self-release, the soulful electro-pop number tackles her fears and anxieties. The single is the first offering from Hebe’s forthcoming debut album Cards On The Table, planned for release in spring 2020. Hunting Me tells the story of a vivid dream in which the artist faces her own demons; “I could feel these fears so clearly but couldn’t see or grab them. In Hunting Me I try to make these fears tangible by giving them a face.”

6 | (Sandy) Alex G | In My Arms

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In the midst of a headlining tour, (Sandy) Alex G has today released a new video for In My Arms, a track from his new album released in September, House of Sugar. The video was directed by Zev Magasis, who also directed the video for Gretel.

7 | Luis Ake | Bitte Lass Mich Frei

THE PRESS RELEASE:Luis Ake from Stuttgart (south of Germany, known for cars) just released a new single and video. It’s a clubby synth-wave track from his upcoming album (which is out Nov 29). The video was shot in Italy.”

8 | Anna Calvi | You’re Not God

THE PRESS RELEASE:Anna Calvi is thrilled to share one of her original songs written for the latest season of the BBC’s globally lauded TV drama Peaky Blinders. You’re Not God is available to stream for the first time today. Earlier this year, Calvi wrote and performed the score for the entirety of Season 5 of the award-winning show, which is available to watch in the US via Netflix. This was the first time Calvi had scored for television and it was recently revealed that she will also score Peaky Blinders Season 6.”

9 | Matt Doe & Fools Of Wisdom | Anubis

THE PRESS RELEASE:Matt Doe joins Fools of Wisdom on a powerful display of Canadian dubstep via their thrashing Anubis. Hailing from Montreal, Matt Doe and duo Fools of Wisdom are carrying the torch for Quebec-based bass-heavy sounds. Anubis marks their latest collaboration, following recent joint efforts Bring Em Out and the MagMag-assisted Now I Know. Earlier this year, Matt Doe landed one of his biggest hits to date with an official remix to Tisoki & Watgood’s Relate.”

10 | Badge Époque Ensemble | Zealous Child

THE PRESS RELEASE:Badge Époque Ensemble share another track from their upcoming Nature, Man & Woman EP, out Dec. 6. Opener Zealous Child comes as something of a sequel to the debut LP’s sole vocal featuring track Undressed In Solitude. This go round BÉE have teamed up with Toronto singer Dorothea Paas to ruminate on notions of spiritual wisdom overtop a progressive and climactically bombastic homebrew. The disco-sleeved 12” EP provides a revealing glimpse of a musically omnivorous approach. The simmering new platter containing 3 songs, producing 26 minutes of dank flute-oriented atmosphere.”

11 | The Fame | Maybe, Tomorrow

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Fame is an indie-rock band based in Toronto, Canada. Born from online ads and unlikely situations, their sound proudly echoes some of the greatest rock bands from the 1990’s, and early 2000’s. Their raw indie rock style combined with elegant and memorable Beatlesque melodies is what makes this band so unique in today’s music industry. The band is now becoming well known for their tenacious, powerful and anthem inspiring live performances. The Fame are paving a new wave of indie based guitar rock forward with an unhinged grit, tenacity, and a ruthless passion for rock ‘n roll. They just released a new EP along with the title track Maybe, Tomorrow – an energetic, indie rock song with elegant and memorable melodies.”

12 | Larch | A Mirror in Ultraviolence

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Cardiff-based experimental electronic duo Larch release their new single A Mirror in Ultraviolence. The track is lifted from their EP The World is Dangerous; Go Outside, mastered by Rupert Clervaux, which is slated for release on Nov. 22. Larch explain: “A Mirror in Ultraviolence is a song about the interaction between beauty and decay. Using melody and tempo as our controls, we wanted to explore whether individuals find beauty in a single moment in time, or whether our understanding of beauty is better captured and understood through our experiences of decay.”

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