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Indie Roundup (XX Edition) | 20 Tracks To Jumpstart Your Weekend

New picks to click from Beard Bates, Tamino, Mighty Mocambos and many more.

Beard Bates has a divine time, Tamino embraces the night, Mighty Mocambos get stronger, Basement Revolver feel deceived, Third Eye Blind kid around, Underclassmen take a dive and more in today’s Roundup. Let’s do it to it:

1 | Beard Bates | Bovine Divine

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Beard Bates has creatively leveled-up yet again with the release of his new music video for the single Bovine Divine. Shot at the much buzzed (or loathed) Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, the alt-hip-hop driven track is given an over the top visual experience that is impossible to forget, and pairs perfectly with Bates’ passion for creatively bizzare awesomeness. The video features guest stars Tori Ross and Brittanie Nash, who are notable Instagram influencers and comedians.”

2 | Tamino | Indigo Night

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today, Tamino releases the deluxe edition of Amir, which features new songs, never-before-released demos, and live performances with Nagham Zikrayat, the Brussels-based orchestra of Syrian and Iraqi refugees that played on the original album. Tamino also shares the visually stunning live video for Indigo Night. Directed by Bastiaan Lochsand and Tamino’s brother Ramy Moharam Fouad, and shot in Cairo over two days this past summer, the Indigo Night video pays homage to Tamino’s Egyptian lineage (his grandfather was legendary Egyptian singer/actor Muharram Fouad). “It was a wonderful experience making a video in the country of my father,” says Tamino, who cites the mid-20th century Cairo art movement Art & Liberté as inspiration. “I love Cairo, a city of many contrasts and complex, incredible history. I hope this video can serve as a small ode to the city.”

3 | The Mighty Mocambos | Stronger

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In a world awash with negativity and fear, you are invited to climb aboard the Mocambo mothership where all colours and creeds are celebrated. The Mighty Mocambos have returned – stronger, tighter and hungrier than ever. Eschewing traditional recording methods, this DIY crew are committed to driving forwards, and their new album 2066 sees them at the height of their powers! The album closer makes it clear that The Mocambos are nowhere near powering down as Ice T and Charlie Funk bring their A-game for an old school attack which, since you’re up bouncing anyway, gives you no excuse not to go right back to the beginning. Onwards! A maze of tantalising sounds pulled from funk, Afro, hip hop with cinematic composition and storytelling.”

4 | Basement Revolver | Have I Been Deceived

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hamilton’s Basement Revolver release their new EP Wax and Digital. In addition to the album, the indie rock act has shared a video for the second single, Have I Been Deceived. Looking back at the religious upbringing that guitarist/vocalist Chrisy Hurn has – for the most part – since left behind, and gazing ahead at the person she hopes to become, Have I Been Deceived finds her further questioning ‘the shit I’ve held on to’ in a dreamy country-rock sway. Hurn says: “I was taught to think in a particular manner, taught to love in a specific way, taught to think about my body and sexuality in a specific (ahem oppressive) way, and quite honestly at the time, I ate that shit up. I was the girl in highschool trying to convert all my friends, telling everyone to stay abstinent, listening to every Christian band that sounded almost as good as the real thing. That was my entire identity. Throughout my twenties, this identity fell apart. I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable with who I was, so much that being around any type of Christian culture, makes me feel nauseous, or worse.”

5 | Third Eye Blind | The Kids Are Coming (to Take You Down)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “My feeling in making this record was, “I want to f— s— up,” Stephan Jenkins says. “I want to cause trouble. I want to call it out. Those are my points of inspiration. I want to be the one who shoots their mouth off.” Screamer is Third Eye Blind’s sixth full-length, made with the help of Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells, Ryan Olson of Marijuana Death Squad and Poliça, and guidance from Billy Corgan. Third Eye Blind is sharing a new video for the song The Kids Are Coming (to Take You Down), dedicated to all the young activists, including Greta Thunberg, who is featured in the video. “I was just so inspired by them,” says Jenkins, of Greta, Emma González, David Hogg, and others. “You have these 15- and 16-year-olds who are like, “F— you guys and your guns and your fossil fuel industry! It’s on!” They don’t care about making you happy or how the medicine goes down. They just spit the truth.”

6 | The Underclassmen | Dive In

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles pop duo The Underclassmen have debuted the visually stunning video for their latest single Dive In. The video, directed by Jacob Reynolds with assistance from Nick Gaiski and produced by Curtis Douglas, was filmed in Arizona and includes several locations featuring the state’s incredible scenery. “[The] music video is a representation of how people’s obligations get in the way of them following love, their dreams, or their own intuitions with reckless abandon,” vocalist Justin Cole said. “The song and video focuses on escaping the everyday grind and just letting go,” added guitarist Dan Picarel.”The video is full of scenic shots of nature and the fantasy of being able to ‘dive in’ and run away from normal life.”

7 | Emma Lamontagne | The Art of Reality

THE PRESS RELEASE: “There are many reasons for avoiding eye contact, but getting comfortable with discomfort is exactly what Ottawa singer-songwriter Emma Lamontagne wants to address in her debut CD Uncomfortable Eye Contact. Recorded with multi-platinum, award-winning producer Rob Wells, Uncomfortable Eye Contact offers nine pop-infused tracks that deal with a range of themes from dating in the digital world and stepping fearlessly into the unknown, to coming to terms with your own obsession and loving, losing and growing through change. The Art of Reality, a passionate stormy song centred around love at first sight, written with Glass Tiger’s Alan Frew and Sean Andrews, comes with a brand new video directed by Rob Wells.”

8 | Gavin Haley | Long Game

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising indie-pop star Gavin Haley shares his debut EP Long Game today. Alongside the EP, Haley reveals the official music video for the title track. Packed with slick pop melodies, soul-baring lyricism, and a textured musicality, the EP explores life’s hardships while always maintaining an enduring sense of hope. Informed by his clear-eyed musings on human interaction, the 22-year-old singer and songwriter bring a genre-bending approach to pop. He pairs a plethora of contemporary influences with introspective lyrics, crafting sonic narratives that feel accessible at all levels. Despite his own personal roadblocks and hardships, Haley strives to make music that, as he puts it, “makes you feel good,” and that’s exactly what the Long Game does.”

9 | Blood Eagle | Doctrine Of Death

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Denmark-based death metal band Blood Eagle are proud to announce the release of their second EP. In celebration, the band offer fans the lyric video for the song Doctrine Of Death. The band comments, “So here we are on the second release of To Ride In Blood & Bathe In Greed. This 4-song EP contains slower songs that are heavier and more bombastic. The sounds lean more towards old school death metal, influenced by bands like Bolt Thrower and all the other great releases from Earache back in the day. Turn it up and enjoy a story of war and corruption.”

10 | The Almost | In God’s Country

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Almost, the brainchild of Underoath drummer/vocalist and multi-talented artist Aaron Gillespie, have released their stunning cover of U2’s In God’s Country.The song appears on the band’s album Fear Caller. The Almost will hit the road on a headline tour in January of 2020. In addition to new tracks from Fear Caller, The Almost will be playing their 2007-released debut album Southern Weather in full on this run. All Get Out, Ghost Atlas, and Rowdy will be appearing on the tour. Tickets are on sale now.

11 | Sodom | Down On Your Knees

THE PRESS RELEASE: “German thrash icons Sodom have released a new song titled Down On Your Knees, and will release a new EP titled Out Of The Frontline Trench on Nov. 22, 2019. Tom Angelripper says: “Postcards and letters from my granddad, which I discovered among the things he left behind when he died, and some TV documentaries have given me a vague idea of what it must have been like for soldiers back in those days to leave their trenches and face those life-threatening battles.”

12 | Henry Fong | Jump Up

THE PRESS RELEASE:Henry Fong’s eclectic take on dance music soaks through via his sweat-filled club banger Jump Up. Brimming with party sirens, spicy rhythms and brash global bass sounds, the Florida producer makes a compelling mix of grit and sheen. Between spending his days enjoying the beach and nights performing at the club, producer and DJ Henry Fong can be found in the studio crafting high-energy bangers. With a signature sound that fuses elements of dancehall, reggae and electro house, this year has seen the esteemed producer continue to be a singular voice in dance music’s evolving landscape. Jump Up caps what’s been a momentous 2019 for Fong.

13 | Strigoi | Nocturnal Vermin

THE PRESS RELEASE: “On the cold morning of Nov. 22, Strigoi shall rise from its crypt to unleash its debut album upon the world. With an approach that was as nihilistic and crusty as it was cinematically grand, Paradise Lost’s Greg Mackintosh teamed up with former Extreme Noise Terror and Valenfyre bass player Chris Casket to record a truly bone-crushing beast of old-school death metal, titled Abandon All Faith. Today the band is infecting the airwaves with their second single. “Nocturnal Vermin is a short and vicious little song that blends elements of grindcore and OSDM with industrial touches to create an overall nasty yet ominous feel,” Greg explains. “Lyrically it is about having the life drained out of you by other people purely out of malice and self interest, to the point where the mere thought of their skin and scent makes you want to be physically sick.”

14 | N/UM | Ravens

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New York City house & techno trio N/UM released Ravens, the title track from their forthcoming 12″ record. Grammy-winning mixer/producer Jeremy Loucas, Danish mult-instrumentalist Emil Bovbjerg, and guitarist Elias Mesiter (who plays and records with Residente of Puerto Rican duo Calle 13) are known for their entirely improvised live sets and recordings. Following previous releases Zebra, Yes, and Aporia, N/UM’s fourth release Ravens will be out Friday, Nov. 15. The four-track release is a marvel of playful ingenuity, balancing, with unwavering confidence, on the outer limits of the minimal house and techno spectrum while remaining loaded with dance floor appeal and teeming with energetic groove.

15 | Gabriel Birnbaum | Mistakes

THE PRESS RELEASE:Gabriel Birnbaum, a working musician since his teens, began as a jazz and avant-garde saxophonist, with stints playing everything from throwback soul music to harsh noise everywhere from the grungiest DIY venues to Lincoln Center and festivals like Bonnaroo and Le Guess Who. At 30, when he began to write the nine songs that make up Not Alone, he had arrived at one of these moments where everything seems to be ending, aside from another year as an underpaid condescension-receptacle in the service industry. After he finished his shifts at the cafe he would go to a bar, a different one each night, always alone. He’d nurse a beer and sit in the bubble of ambient chatter and warm light and see himself fading out of existence. Call it failure, call it burnout, call it clinical depression (doctors did). Call it whatever you want, it can only be lived in for so long.”

16 | Jerry Leger | Justine

THE PRESS RELEASE:Jerry Leger has a thing for ghosts. The Toronto singer/songwriter confirmed it a couple of years ago when he went on a personal journey to explore many of Ontario’s largely unknown ghost towns, having been inspired by the writings of historian Ron Brown. Leger has immortalized one of those towns on his new album Time Out For Tomorrow, containing 10 portraits of the impermanence of life, love, or simply catching a glimpse of a shooting star. Canada may be known more these days for punching above its weight in the global pop music field, but its long and storied tradition of singer/songwriters refuses to die. Jerry Leger is carrying that torch, and if there’s any further proof needed that he’s at the vanguard, just listen to Time Out For Tomorrow.”

17 | Sätilä | Like You Do

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish born, London based artist Sätilä, aka Teemu Sätilä, combines a fresh fusion of infectious alternative/indie music with rich pop soundscapes. Leading single Like You Do was inspired by past relationships and narrates the struggle of receiving love from someone who you think is more gracious and trusting than you are. Highlighting Sätilä’s velvety vocals and impressive range, the track comes to life through twinkling synths, pulsating basslines and vibrant melodies. Sätilä hopes his music will be an aid in times when you feel you are not enough. Through uplifting lyrics and building progressive components, Like You Do transforms into the ultimate pep-talk, self-love anthem. He confides, “I hope my music inspires people to live their life to the fullest. Make the change you need to make whether that’s circumstance or your attitude. Make the dream a reality. Love yourself and others. Make every situation better when you come around.”

18 | Jennah Barry | The Real Moon

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Nestled amongst the gently plucked nylon strings of a warm acoustic guitar and surrounded by flourishes of horns and analog-tinged synths, Jennah Barry’s “stunning” and “powerful” vocals float effortlessly in the mix. Once again finding its musical footing somewhere along the paths carved out by Harry Nilsson, Burt Bacharach, and Emmylou Harris, the vintage tones and feel of The Real Moon are contrasted by the track’s contemporary narrative. “I was spending most of my time alone when I wrote The Real Moon,” says Jennah Barry. “The song is about the very modern problem of seeing too much of the world without actually leaving your house. It’s about experiencing the fragility of reality.”

19 | Sex Machine Octopus | I Know

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today marks the release of I Know, the second single off of Montreal band Sex Machine Octopus’ upcoming full-length, Plastic Scenes. “I Know was first written in when we were in high school. It’s one of our oldest in fact. It’s simply an old fashioned love song with a lot of energy, based on Laurent’s first true love. We must’ve changed the instrumental part of I Know hundreds of times, but we never touched the lyrics. Not since high school. We taught it was fitting to keep them since it would kinda change the essence of the whole thing if we didn’t. So, the song stays authentic to its original meaning. What inspired us to rethink it was that for the past months we’ve been moving away from our bluesy roots and going more towards the groovy side of things.

20 | Papertwin | Happy Half Lives

THE PRESS RELEASE:Papertwin started playing music together in 2009, formed by Max Decker after narrowly escaping a lucrative career as a landscape painter. After two homespun EPs and a long hiatus, the band is set to release their first full length album Family Portraits. The theme of family acts as a foundation, but also as something to be explored. The record is both familiar & unsettling. Shocking but calm. There’s a languidness to the vocal production & melodic sensibility (if you can trace it underneath soundscapes that are unequivocal, fractured, dry & recall some of Talk Talk’s greatest tape collages to date). It’s impressionistic. Something you can’t quite inhabit, but can’t quite easily walk away from either. It’s elusive, self-contained and full of life — full of lives lost and the prospect of newer ones, whether they be sounds, experiences or chapters beginning.