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Indie Roundup (Blackjack Edition) | 21 New Tunes To Start Your Weekend

Shift out of work mode with help from Micah, Clancy, Molina, Miss FD and more.

Micah Erenberg finds you here, Young Clancy is for the birds, Molina comes out of her shell, Miss FD spits fire, The Almost are a tame lot and more in today’s Roundup. That’ll do, publicists. That’ll do.

1 | Micah Erenberg | What Am I Doing Here

THE PRESS RELEASE: “To celebrate today’s release of his new LP, Love Is Gonna Find You, Micah Erenberg is sharing the video for album track What Am I Doing Here. The video “documents the time that I pulled over for some instant ramen at an intergalactic rest stop,” says Erenberg. “Alien chickens, unlimited art supplies, a pool table with only 3s, 6s and 9s? A few days later they wired me the footage from their VHS surveillance cameras and of course I couldn’t help but ask Little Jack Films to make a music video out of it.” On the song, Erenberg says, “sometimes you find yourself living a life that just doesn’t seem like yours. Even if all is well and good on paper, it isn’t necessarily OK inside. Finding yourself in this world isn’t a straight and narrow path. This song is for anyone going through some self discovery.”

2 | Young Clancy | Up With The Birds

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-based singer/songwriter/producer Young Clancy has released his much-anticipated Vol. II EP. To celebrate the release of his latest body of work, Young Clancy has also revealed the music video for his new single, Up With The Birds. Up With The Birds showcases Young Clancy’s laid-back, poetic sound. The accompanying music video is the concluding segment of the three-part short film surrounding the EP. Directed by Fuego Toronto, the visual project for Vol. II is built around three overlapping music videos; each exists individually but can also be viewed in succession as one synchronous and complete visual work. The music videos for Clancy’s previous releases Take Me 2 and Level are the first and second parts of the trilogy of clips.”

3 | Molina | Parásito

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Danish-Chilean artist Molina announces her new EP Vanilla Shell (out Jan 24) with the release of Parásito – a dark and infectious song about the double-sided nature of symbiotic love. Parásito is a song about longing, about being so absorbed by the love for another person that it feels impossible to get as close to that person as you want. It’s about an urge so intense that the best comparison is the parasite’s need for another creature’s blood in order to survive. It’s this almost macabre unity of individuals where it becomes difficult to distinguish between the original parts that Molina conveys on Parásito. Even though Rebecca Molina is half-Chilean, this is her first song in Spanish. When writing the lyrics she discovered that the language possessed different inherent power and energy than both Danish and English. She explains: “I feel Spanish amplifies my message. The drama in the language makes it easier and more natural for me to be extrovert and emotional.”

4 | Miss FD & Vulture Culture | Spitfire

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Dark Electro Pop siren Miss FD releases her new song Spitfire and teams up with rising Industrial artist Vulture Culture on the track. Like the song’s title, Spitfire is a fierce song that demonstrates Miss FD’s more aggressive side. Alex Dalliance of Vulture Culture explains what it was like working on Spitfire: “It’s always great to work with Miss FD. On Spitfire, I wanted to push the envelope, and see how aggressive and dark we could go, while still sounding like us.” Miss FD adds her vision behind the music video for Spitfire: “This was the first music video that I solely directed. I usually collaborate with other directors, but wanted to try the DIY approach to see if we could create something playful, personal, and powerful. We think we succeeded.”

5 | The Almost | Tame a Lion

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Almost, the brainchild of Underoath drummer/vocalist and multi-talented artist Aaron Gillespie, have shared another new song from their forthcoming album, Fear Caller, out Oct. 18. The song Tame a Lion features Less Than Jake’s JR Wasilewski on saxophone. “Musically, the old Bruce Springsteen-like rock sax solo is something I’ve never done,” Gillespie says about the song. “I called JR up, and he obliged and did it really quickly.”

6 | Ice Nine Kills | Stabbing in the Dark Acoustic

THE PRESS RELEASE: “October is the month of haunting, and horror-inspired metal outfit Ice Nine Kills are prepared to keep listeners filled with terror as they slowly unravel details on the deluxe edition of their critically acclaimed 2018 effort, The Silver Scream, out Oct. 25. In addition to the original tracking, the album will include several bone-chilling acoustic dirge renditions, including the pumpkin-carving Stabbing in the Dark (featuring Trivium frontman Matt Heafy), the latter of which premieres today. “Ice Nine Kills is one of the absolute best bands on the planet right now,” declares Heafy. “Their blend of styles and sounds and unique imagery have crafted a world entirely their own.”

7 | Steve Aoki & Will Sparks | Send It

THE PRESS RELEASE:Dim Mak boss Steve Aoki joins Will Sparks on festival-ready single Send It. By incorporating Aoki’s vocals over a tech-leaning production, the duo bring a much welcomed update to the Melbourne Sound that Sparks helped establish. Send It marks the first time the world-renowned DJs have released a joint single. The official music video features several action sports stars “sending it,” including skateboard pioneer Tony Hawk, olympic snowboarding gold medalist Chloe Kim, and big wave surfer Kai Lenny.”

8 | San Fermin | Saints

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Brooklyn-based art pop project San Fermin today release their new album The Cormorant I via bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone’s new imprint. Envisioned as the first of a two-part album release, The Cormorant I ushers in a new era for San Fermin and sets the tone for the overall project, which will include an eventual counterpart to be released next year. Described by Ludwig-Leone as both a “stand-alone narrative in itself” as well as “the first piece of a larger two-part story,” The Cormorant I is available everywhere now. Also making its debut today is San Fermin’s newest video for Saints, a surreal visual that follows vocalist Claire Wellin on a sleepless night spent within the confines of her bedroom.”

9 | Anti-Flag | Christian Nationalist

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Political punk icons Anti-Flag have just released a brand new single Christian Nationalist and its accompanying lyric video. For over two decades the Pittsburgh, PA-based band has been leading the charge of progressivism in punk, and their newest track proves they still have plenty of fire left. The lyric video for Christian Nationalist utilizes the images of both politicians who have taken money from the NRA and that of perpetrators of recent mass shootings, learn more here. Anti-Flag vocalist/guitarist, Justin Sane, provided further insight into the song’s lyrics saying, “History is full of wealthy and powerful people using religion and cultism to justify policies of oppression and inequality. Invariably, these policies target the most vulnerable in society so that elites can maintain their dominance. Today we see this same strategy employed by right wing politicians all over the world. Just as the anti-fascists of the 1930’s and 1940’s rejected the fascist ideologies of their era, we reject the neo-fascists of this era. Theocracy is dangerous and inherently anti-democratic because it restricts individual choice and provides an avenue by which politicians can claim a moral superiority over “the other”. It gives political cover and justification for policies and actions which might otherwise be deemed morally objectionable, inhuman, or adverse to the best interest of the country.”

10 | Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra | This Storm

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Promising to be one of the most ambitious projects in metal history, Blind Guardian’s upcoming orchestral release will be well worth the wait. Today the band unleash their 7″ vinyl single titled This Storm, which can be ordered in various colours (clear, gold, red/black splattered). Hansi states, “A storm will come and it will change us all. This Storm for sure will take no prisoners and it won’t calm down until all secrets of the Dark Lands will be revealed on Nov. 8. Back in 1997 we started the adventure of soundtrack composing with this piece of music. The arrangement and the melodies have not been changed ever since. With this tune you will get the chance to listen to the pure origin of this exciting project. To us This Storm has always delivered a very strong metal approach into the classical soundtrack world and it certainly has changed our perspective on music. Enjoy the song and its epic lyric video. I may repeat myself here: Be prepared, for there is so much more to come. This is just the beginning.”

11 | London Afrobeat Collective | Power to the Women

THE PRESS RELEASE: In anticipation of upcoming new album Humans on Oct. 27, international touring band London Afrobeat Collective launch first single Power to the Women, a hard hitting afro funk bomb with blistering horn lines and a rampant rhythm section, featuring vocals by their new lead singer Juanita Euke. The London Afrobeat Collective carry clear and powerful messages through their music, holding the torch for the original Afrobeat musicians and continuing their mission to fight for political and social change, and Power to the Women is a clear example of this. The music video for the single, directed by Mathieu Choinet, perfectly depicts the ideas within the song – that women and young girls from developing countries should receive, and be supported with education. But we need men and women to be part of the conversation and by empowering women we are working together to get a balance in the world. Where’s the power? Power to the Women“.

12 | Steve Mason | Like a Ripple

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Ex-Beta Band frontman Steve Mason has returned with a new EP, Coup d’état, out Oct. 18. The EP features three brand new recordings alongside a Tim Goldsworthy remix of America Is Your Boyfriend from his album About The Light and the new single Like A Ripple.Like A Ripple came from a 4am jam at Dan Carey’s studio in London. Dan and I just went down into his basement studio one night and played together for a couple of hours. I took some loops from that jam (Bomb Squad style) and wrote a song around one particular 4-second loop. I then took the basic song to Brendan Lynch and we just threw a load of ideas at it. I was listening to “I Travel” by Simple Minds on repeat during this time, and wanted to do something with a similar energy. The final bit of extra magic came from Eli, who had sung backing vocals on my About The Light album. After a bit of persuading that it should be her alone on the chorus, she slipped from backing singer into spotlight mode and I had what I wanted.”

13 | Party Pupils & Louis Futon | One Two Things

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Future funk duo Party Pupils join up with Louis Futon on the lavish late-night offering One Two Things, featuring MAX‘s soulful crooning alongside seductive verses from Nigerian-Canadian rapper/singer TOBi. The single arose from a provocative challenge, which saw the artists running around an IKEA store creating samples on-the-spot to use in the song. One Two Things started as a beat challenge with Louis Futon, something he has been doing for a while on Instagram where he makes beats in random places out of random objects,” Party Pupils explains. “We’ve been a fan of his for a long time and he invited us to IKEA to make a beat out of sounds we sampled from there. We didn’t think it would turn into a full song, but here we are, one year later, dropping our funkiest dance tune to date with an awesome feature from TOBi.”

14 | Subways on the Sun | Capsize

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Seattle, WA indie rock outfit Subways on the Sun have just released a new acoustic version of Capsize, the title track off their most recent LP, which recently marked its one-year anniversary. The band says, “We love listening to alternate versions of songs by our favorite artists, and thought that Capsize would be a fun track to approach from a different angle. As a band, we have always embraced a DIY approach to recording, but typically outsource the mixing duties. This time our lead guitarist Lars stepped up to mix the track, which allowed us to fully reimagine the song as a group. “

15 | Donaher | Before Anyone Else

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New England power-pop 4-piece Donaher have just released a new single, Before Anyone Else. The track is the first new music from the band since their debut album, 2017’s I Swear My Love Is True. Before Anyone Else is an upbeat love-struck fantasy power-ballad that reflects back on new love after having spent a proverbial lifetime together. If you’re into 90’s-era Weezer and the love-lorn melancholy of Smoking Popes, you’re going to want to follow Donaher and add their songs to your bae’s playlist.”

16 | Ava Lake | God’s A Ghost

THE PRESS RELEASE:Ava Lake returns today to share the second single, God’s A Ghost, from her debut EP, The Rise, due Oct. 18. God’s A Ghost opens with minimalist production and raw, jazz-inflected vocals before building to an explosive, synth-heavy chorus. Just as Mystery introduced Lake as a dexterous producer, God’s A Ghost flaunts Lake’s rich, textured vocals in the track’s more subdued moments. Chicago-based Ava Lake is a true creative, dipping her toes into a variety of artistic mediums, including songwriting, production, fine art (she created her own cover art), acting, and dance. Ava pulls influence from 2000s glitch-pop, 80s vaporwave, and current-day lo-fi bedroom pop in order to create a fresh new sound full of beat-driven pop stylings and dance-floor rhythm. “My sound is uplifting, full of energy, there to help you get through that last mile of your run, to conquer the math problems you’re working on for class, to help you let all your feelings out to and feel like there is hope.”

17 | Samurai Champs | Summer’s Over

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hailing from two Canadian cities – Saskatoon and Regina – Samurai Champs is a recording and performing future-hip-hop/R&B duo. Comprised of rapper Jeah and singer Merv xx Gotti, the duo draw influence from their Southeast Asian heritage, while taking pride in their urban-Canadian identity. “For the track Summer’s Over, we really wanted to capture the idea that good things come to an end. That’s just the reality of it. Just like how the seasons come and go. Embrace change and learn from your experiences. That allows us to be human and as humans we can be hopeful. So if it’s for love, it’s always worth fighting for.”

18 | Laura Reznek | You Are Bad

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A self-professed observationist and avid people-watcher, Laura Reznek’s music takes up issues of humans and humanity. Although her classical training is apparent in her technique and arrangements, Reznek’s interest in perception is her guide in her upcoming project. You Are Bad, the lead single from her forthcoming new record, is a folk noir track about trying to understand an intense and toxic conflict.”

19 | Ro Bergman | All We Are

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Born in Austria, Ro Bergman’s family encouraged him to become involved in music, and he played in a high school band as a teen. His travels have influenced his music greatly, and his sound carries pieces of the diverse cultures he has experienced. However, the pull towards his native Austria always brings him home to write, compose and record. All We Are is the perfect showcase for Bergman’s adept grasp of vocal expression, from aching melancholy to deep vulnerability, which guides the narrative of the track. Dark lyrical sentiments are balanced by gentle arrangements and considered melodies – rhythmic enough to draw one in, yet hypnotic enough to be lost their wide-open spaces. Ro Bergman gives some insight into the track. “This is all we are – we are constantly changing. Try to stay above the shadows and keep the sun inside yourself.”

20 | Highasakite | Can I Be Forgiven

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Critically acclaimed Norwegian outfit Highasakite are back with a new single Can I Be Forgiven. The genre-defying track is the first excerpt from their upcoming album The Bare Romantic. Armed with their latest release, Highasakite only look set to further their position as one of Scandinavia’s most exciting exports: a reputation that will be cemented with the release of their new single Can I Be Forgiven.

21 | Harry Mold | Python

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Londoner Harry Mold returns with his brand new single, the blistering indie rock anthem ‘Python’. Going straight for the jugular, ‘Python’ takes an instant hold. Speaking about the track’s inspiration, Harry says, “Python is a song I wrote for the ‘snakes’ that surround us. It was written as an immediate response to a close friend being sleazy behind my back. My raw and honest ‘f*** you’ to those types.”