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Girl Pow-R | This is Us: Exclusive Video Premiere

The Toronto pop group share the latest video from their upcoming album.

Girl Pow-R proudly proclaim This Is Us in their latest video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

Coming on the heels of previous single Never Let Go and shortly before their debut album This Is Us, the Toronto-area pop collective’s new track aims once again to inspire and uplift peers.

Their encouraging, positive message is showcased in lyrics that are “passionate for some change,” as Girl Pow-R urge listeners to “take our message, shout it out,” and maintain that “we won’t be pushed around, we are strong, we are proud.”

They’re also advocating for their personal list of social causes de coeur, which include working with charities on behalf of anti-war and stopping violence, SickKids, the Toronto Humane Society and SPCA, the Give and Restore Hope Children’s Charity, mental health awareness, WE Movement, Food4Kids, anti-bullying, and raising awareness for the occurrence of strokes in minors — a scenario that personally afflicted Girl Pow-R member Maya during a dance class in 2017.

The all-encompassing message of helping each other, and their communities-at-large, continue, to be dear to their hearts: Girl Pow-R have been seen around Canadian cities as of late inviting audience-members and passersby to write on their signature #GirlPowRment #Wall. “We started as a group by writing messages about friendship, acceptance and support that we find inspiring,” says the band. “We really enjoy seeing what other girls and women add as messages to other people all around the world!”

In continuing their inspirational mission of spreading confidence and kindness, Girl Pow-R hope their forthcoming debut album will encourage girls to stay confident in their individuality and avoid the pitfalls of peer pressure and online influence in today’s hyper-digital age.

With members ranging in age from 10 – 17, Girl Pow-R’s greatest strength lies in the diversity in their ages, backgrounds and life experiences. The universal things that join them together, however, are dynamic skill sets and a shared mission of empowerment among young women in the world today.

Check out This Is Us above and connect with Girl Pow-R via their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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