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Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis | Wild! Wild! Wild!

The Killer's little sis & Chicago's alt-troubadour are a match made in honky-tonk heaven.

I don’t know who introduced Linda Gail Lewis and Robbie Fulks, but they deserve a Grammy. If not the Nobel Prize for rockabilly boogie. For those who haven’t been paying attention or made the connection, Linda Gail is a singer-pianist who just happens to be the little sis of Jerry Lee The Killer — and sounds just like it. Fulks, by contrast, is an alt-county singer-songwriter from Chicago who defies conventions while respecting traditions. You wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be a match in honky-tonk heaven, but man oh man, you can only imagine how the sparks flew when they got in the room together. Actually, you don’t have to guess; you can hear it on every second of this instant classic. Emphasis on classic. From the first pounding piano line and growling low-neck riff to the final sweetened steel line and Jordanaires-style backing harmony, these rollicking, razor-sharp tales of hard luck, hard livin’ and hard lovin’ sound like they were rescued from the dusty jukebox of an abandoned roadhouse in rural Tennessee — except nobody in the backwoods back then was dancing to New Orleans-style jazz numbers that name-checked Booker T and Big Star. Hope there’s more more more where this came from. And if there’s any justice in this world, there oughta be a Grammy or two in the cards.

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