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Indie Roundup (Easy Does It Edition) | Three Tracks To Help Ease Into Your Week

Frankie Cosmos, Stella Emmett & Alex Bent help keep things to a minimum.

Frankie Cosmos gets cookin’, Stella Emmett wakes up and Alex Bent cools it in today’s short ’n’ sweet Roundup. Here’s hoping the rest of the week is this undemanding.

1 Frankie Cosmos serves up a TV bake-off parody — with the help of comedian Catherine Cohen — in the video for the tasty number Wannago, the latest preview of her Sept. 6 album Close It Quietly. Bonus points for the subtle title placement in the clip. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “I thought a baking competition theme would translate well to a music video. In some ways I think the lighthearted drama, tension, and release of that format mirrors the ebb and flow of emotions (lyrically and musically) in this song, and so it was kind of a natural fit,” says drummer Luke Pyenson.” On your mark, get set, watch:

2 If you’re tired of staring at your phone all, New York State pop singer-songwriter Stella Emmett has a solution: Stare at her phone for a while. It’s easier than you might think. You just have to watch the homemade clip for her pleasantly drifting track DayDream, from her Aug. 23 debut album Admirer. Something else to admire: Her ability to ignore more than 30,000 emails. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:DayDream is probably my favorite song off of the album. I’ve relied heavily on fantasies to cope with stress since I can remember, and there comes a point where that isn’t as harmless a coping mechanism as you might think, because it interferes with your waking life. This song is about coming to terms with that.” Well, it beats coming to terms with that inbox:

3 I don’t really know what Coolin’ means — but whatever it is, Alex Bent is doing it in his hew hip-hop single. More to the point, he’s making it look good. Judge for yourself in the Saskatoon artist’s entertainingly vibrant video. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Alex Bent + the Emptiness is the recording and performing solo project of Saskatoon singer Alex Bent. Coolin’ is a hip-hop track blending a twist of nostalgia with the current trends of the genre.” Get Bent: