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Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul | Summer of Sorcery

The E Streeter lightens up, gets down and rocks out on his latest solo release.

Screw politics; let’s dance! If there’s a motto to Summer of Sorcery, that’s it. And really, isn’t that everything you really need or want from rock ’n’ roll gypsy Steve Van Zandt right now? Laudable as his topical albums of the ’80s were, they could also be a little heavy-handed and preachy at times. But this time out, the veteran E Street Band guitarist gets off his soapbox, fires up the wayback machine and throws a retro-rock bash with the help of his crack band and a big, bold brass section. This energetic dozen-track set returns Van Zandt to his musical comfort zone, belting out old-school soul and R&B raveups reminiscent of his days with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. Also on the diverse but well-balanced musical menu: Phil Spectorish Wall of Sound jangle-pop, Latin-percussion groovers, fuzzy funk, shuffling blues, his beloved garage-rock and even a frat-party twist. He doesn’t completely bury his head in the sand: A couple of songs deal with gun control, climate change, social media and the state of the union. But for the most part, Van Zandt’s Summer of Sorcery makes a deliberate and disciplined commitment to lightening up, getting down and rocking out.

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