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Indie Roundup | 11 New Songs To Complete Your Monday

Ease into the week with the help of Peter Perrett, Spiritbox, The Evening and more.

Peter Perrett dreams on, Maybelleen change it up, Spiritbox hit the beach, One in the Chamber scratch that itch and more in today’s Roundup. Let’s hit it and quit it:

1 If you’re old enough to remember listening to The Only Ones’ single Another Girl, Another Planet on an imported 45, you’re old enough to appreciate this: Only Ones frontman Peter Perrett is back in action. And he wants you to know he has a new album titled Humanworld — his followup to 2017’s How The West Was Won — coming out this summer. But first, he wants you to know that he has a new single and video titled I Want Your Dreams. And that it’s a punchy, darkly seductive little rocker flourished with new wave touches and topped with his inimitable vocal and lyrical stylings. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “This record has got more urgency and the songs are more concise. Don’t like words such as progression but I hope this is texturally and sonically more interesting than How The West Was Won.” Sweet dreams:

2 People hate change. But it’s almost always a good thing, as the gents of indie-pop duo Maybelleen learned. And as the video for their Elvis Costello-esque pop-rock gem Emily makes colourfully and creatively clear. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Moving to Toronto from our hometown of Montreal last summer inspired and challenged us. We wanted to create something to immortalize this milestone, so we shot and compiled what is now the official video for Emily. Emily is a reminder that everything will be alright, a perspective we try to keep as we prepare to release our forthcoming The Paris Tapes EP (out later this year!)” Nice shoes, gents:

3 Keywords: Menacing. Evocative. Funereal. Submerged. Haunted. That’s about all Dutch quintet Spiritbox have to say about themselves on their website. Surprisingly enough, it’s about all you need to know about them before submerging yourself in the baritone vocals and swirling beauty of their third single Doris, or watching the accompanying black-and-white video. Though come to think of it, words like sombre, bleak, sophisticated, elegant, lush and cinematic wouldn’t hurt either. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: Maybe they left it on the beach.

4 It’s always nice when the kids come back to visit. Back in November I introduced you to young Toronto rockers One in the Chamber and their five-song EP I’ve Got Something to Say … Now, the onetime DIY Discovery have returned with the video for the disc’s ultimate tracks Itchin’ Back, a swaggering slow-burn shuffle that balances firepower and muscle. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “The video explores the often internal conflict between chasing one’s passion while balancing regular, conforming responsibilities. It’s a juxtaposing collision that hits all aspiring musicians, but just like Bon Scott said, “It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock & roll”. There is a dangerous sense of liberation in being an artist; it’s a risk not all are willing to take.” Ready, aim …

5 I don’t know if everybody wants to rule the world. But I’m pretty sure that everybody loves Everybody Wants to Rule the World. So it’s no wonder that the Tears For Fears classic has been covered by everyone from Gloria Gaynor to Weezer — and now, by indie outfit The Evening, featuring former Word Alive drummer Luke Holland, First to Last guitarist Taylor Larson and singer Kinnie Lane. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s a bright, vibrant take on the song.” There’s no turning back:

6 You can make country music. You can make music about a country. Folksinger-songwriter and flutist Allison Lupton does the latter quite wonderfully in her upbeat patriotic anthem What Will I Dream, captured in this black-and-white performance video filmed in the studio. True patriot love indeed. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “It’s her unique voice and brilliant flute-playing that captivates audiences and it’s evident in the new album Words of Love, which showcases her original material, songs that fit so perfectly into the cannon of Canadian folk music that they could easily be mistaken for traditional numbers. Common themes of itinerant labour, eternal love, and family history are throughout the album, with Lupton’s penetrating voice perfectly matched to the material.” Wave the flag:

7+8 A Time to Stand are working overtime these days. The German melodic hardcore crew are putting the finishing touches on their debut album Light Years — and getting up to speed with not one but two preview videos: The practice-hall clip Gantville, which showcases their more melodic side; and the live-show compilation cut No Part of This, which emphasizes their heavier half. But if you think that might be overdoing it, think again: Played back-to-back, these two clips last less than four minutes. So they won’t take up too much of your time. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Light Years should see A Time To Stand bring their brand of melodic punk rock to the masses, with an album full of powerful fun punk rock tracks which bridge the gap between pop punk, skatepunk and hardcore to create a sound which will please fans of bands like No Trigger, Such Gold, Daggermouth and Handguns.” On the double:

8 You want the funk? Gotta have that funk? You need the funk? Max Styler is the man you need to hear from today. He’s taking you to funky town with his irresistible new single Gimme That Funk. He’s freaking you all up and down. He wants you to ride him — and make that sound (you know the one). Even better: He’s doing it with plenty of cowbell. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: “Utilizing groovy basslines and a healthy dose of cowbell, Styler crafts a fun, techy, floor-filler.” Get down on the one:

10 Rob Hicks believes he can love you right. But who can he trust? Good question. Who can any of us really trust? All I know for sure is that the Wisconsin rapper (and friend of Tinnitist) has returned with the new single called Lovedust — and that producer Air Kalo has done a superb job of accessorizing his suitably dusty vocals and low-key croon with a smoothly flowing groove, subliminal keyboards and trippy touches. Trust me. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE: Nothing. As usual, Hicks seems to prefer to let his tunes speak for themselves.

11 We all have to start somewhere. But if mysterious one-named Toronto singer-songwriter Lisa is telling the truth, she’s starting in an incredible position — with the anything-but-primitive single Primitive Us, a transfixing nugget of dreamy girl-pop nostalgia laced with twangy guitars and dusted with her sweet sinister vocals. SAYS THE PRESS RELEASE:Primitive Us is candy coated razor-blades. Primitive Us is phoney feelings. Primitive Us is dangling carrots. Primitive Us is self destruction. Primitive Us is winning big and then losing it all.” You had me at candy-coated razor blades: