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Niggght | Violent Delicacy

Montreal's electro-doom duo unleash their bruising brand of sluggish sleaze.

Yeah, that’s right: Three Gs. You got something to say about that, spelling police? Take it up with this Montreal electro-doom blues duo — if you’ve got the stones. Personally, I suspect that once you spin Niggght’s informatively titled EP Violent Delicacy, you’ll think twice about giving them any guff. That is, if you’re not an instant convert to this terrific (and terrifically terrifying) two-headed beast’s bruising brand of slow-moving, subterranean sleaze. Frontman Vincent Houde (also of Dopethrone) delivers his vocals in a grim, gravelly demon-growl that stretches every syllable to the breaking point — hence their name, I suspect — and that makes Leonard Cohen sound like a boy soprano. Meanwhile, drummer and producer Double D anchors his sepulchral pipes and slithering guitars with glacially paced grooves, clattering percussion and cavernous sonics straight from your last fever-dream. Basically, if cough syrup, Satan and the sound of tectonic plates colliding could form a band, it still wouldn’t come on any slower, deeper, heavier and harder than this. Niggght does it right. And for free: As of this writing, you can snag this four-track monster gratis via their Bandcamp page (or pay as much as you want, should you prefer not to get on their bad sides).

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