Tinnitist TV | Episode 6: Gabriel Judet-Weinshel of Unpinnable Butterflies

The multi-talented multi-tasker talks music, movies, celebrities and plenty more.

Unpinnable Butterflies might not be your typical band name. But really, it’s the perfect handle for this paricular musical project. Mostly because it’s also the perfect description of the man at the centre: Singer, songwriter, pianist and multi-talented multi-tasker Gabriel Judet-Weinshel.

One spin of his new album Radio Ocean will make his musical abilities and talents crystal clear. His literary lyrics are inspired by authors from Thomas Pynchon to David Foster Wallace, while his upbeat, sophisticated songwriting is reminiscent of everyone from Paul Simon to David Byrne. But music is just one of the many pots that seem to be simmering constantly on Judet-Weinshel’s artistic stove. He’s also a photographer and videographer who has shot and filmed plenty of your (and his) favourite artists. He’s a screenwriter, director and soundtrack composer who has made one feature film of his own, worked on several others, and has many more on the go. And if all that juggling isn’t enough, he can also juggle for real — and used to do it for a living. He was kind enough to juggle his busy schedule recently to talk to me about his new album, his other projects, his celebrity encounters and lots more.

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