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Monday Morning Mashup | New Order, Lorde & Bleachers

Good things come in threes with this meeting of Lorde, Bleaches & New Order.

It’s Monday. It’s morning (where I am, anyway). So what could be better — or at least more alliterative — than kicking off the working week with a mashup? Here’s one that proves good things really do come in threes: A marriage of New Order’s Temptation, Lorde’s Supercut and BleachersDon’t Take the Money. It comes from our friends in globetrotting post-punk duo Joi Noir, who also happen to be a recent DIY Discovery. Thanks for sharing, kids. If you know of a great mashup looking for a good home, email the link to me here. Enjoy the rest of your Monday. And no matter what Bleachers say, always take the money.