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The French post-everything outfit zig and zag brilliantly on their sophomore album.

WHAT I SAY: It’s a magic bullet, all right. Fearsome French post-everything unit Zapruder‘s self-titled sophomore album — their first release since their singer relocated to Canada — zigs and zags relentlessly and punishingly with a searing, manic collision of barely controlled intensity and brilliant, white-hot lunacy. Think Dillinger Escape Plan crossed with a free jazz ensemble — with saxophone. We’re through the looking-glass here, people.

WHAT THEY SAY: “This new eponymous album is their most personal album. Written for several weeks in their country bastion, drinking booze every day, making BBQs, and remembering the origin of Zapruder: Friendship, fun, rock ‘n’ roll. It talks about love, friendship, sex, touring, the distance that separates each one of them.”

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