Teresinha Landeiro Looks Forward to Amanhã

The Fado singer steps up with the latest single from her sophomore album Agora.

Teresinha Landeiro looks to the future her timely new single and video Amanhã — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

When Vogue asked the Portuguese singer-songwriter whether she prefers the past or the future in a recent profile, the rising Fado performer’s answer was the opposite of ambiguous: “Future, always.” Fittingly, Amanhã (Tomorrow) is the single from her just-released album Agora (Now). Produced by Pedro de Castro — who also handled her 2018 debut Namoro — and featuring musicians Gaspar Varela, Roda de Samba and João Pedro Coelho, Agora reveals a 10-track songscape as ambitious and light as Landeiro’s personality.

As Teresinha says, “In this record, I review myself every second, in every note, in every word. I bring Fado, because it will be yesterday’s, today’s and forever’s, but I also bring other sounds that I fell in love with because of the way they touch my heart. After all, Fado is exactly that, about feeling and making one feel. In this Fado heart of mine there was room for a little bit of jazz and a light samba rhythm.”

With performances at the Festival Caixa Alfama, EDP Fado Cafe NOS Alive, Fado Festival in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Seville, and more to her extensive credit, Landeiro got her start by performing on her 12th birthday at Lisbon’s Casa de Linhares, a destination restaurant nestled in the underpinnings of an 18th-century palace.

Watch Amanhã above, hear more from Teresinha Landeiro below, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.