J.Aaron Makes A Move! You Can’t Ignore

The New Jersey multi-talent gets you up on your feet with this irresistible groover.

J.Aaron is on the Move! with his latest single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A vibrant funk and R&B fusion laced with lively energy and irresistible beats, Move! is a call to action, inviting listeners to let loose, have fun, and dance. Driven by J.Aaron’s smooth vocals and charismatic instrumentation, Move! encapsulates the essence of carefree joy and unbridled euphoria. With its pulsating rhythms and catchy hooks, the track transports listeners to a dreamy realm where inhibitions are left behind, and the only thing that matters is embracing the moment.

“In November 2023, I decided to leave the band that I spent 14 years with,” J.Aaron explains. “I took some time to heal before I got back to music, and when I came back to it, was welcomed with the worst writer’s block I’ve ever experienced. To combat this, I chose to embark on a psilocybin journey for the new year, and on it, I saw myself as a large figure in the sky moving energy, waving my arms to clear the way for the new. The next song I wrote was Move!

The track showcases J.Aaron’s exceptional talent as both a vocalist and a songwriter, marking yet another milestone in his burgeoning career. Nursing vigorous melodies and a charming groove, the song exudes an undeniable charm that captivates audiences and inspires them to be who they want to be. Move! was written and produced by J.Aaron and Iain Harper.

Originating from New Jersey, multi-talented artist J.Aaron has entertained global audiences with his dynamic blend of soulful R&B vocals, hip-hop, and funk, delivering electrifying performances infused with his signature swagger. Despite a tumultuous upbringing marked by poverty, violence, and homelessness, music became his lifeline, leading him to pursue a career that he credits with saving his life. From early experiences in his Baptist church to joining the R&B/funk a cappella band Duwendé and gracing stages from intimate bars to iconic venues like Radio City Music Hall, his story has been both gritty and triumphant.

As a vocalist and songwriter, he has appeared on NBC’s The Winner Is and America’s Got Talent, and been featured on songs that have amassed millions of streams. He’s backed a slew of artists, from 50 Cent to legends like Tony Orlando and Kenny Rogers.

Check out Move! above, hear more from J.Aaron below, and head on over to his website, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.