Neil Michael Anderson Really Wants To Know: What’s Your Truth?

The New Mexico singer-songwriter blends thoughtful lyrics with upbeat Americana.

Neil Michael Anderson finds that home is where the art is in his probing and personable new Americana single What’s Your Truth? — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Inspired by his adopted home of Truth Or Consequences, the New Mexico singer-songwriter’s new track What’s Your Truth? combines thoughtful lyrics with upbeat country-rock to create a musical experience that is inspiring yet catchy. An instant favourite, the song has already been honoured with the Best Music Production award at the 2024 New Mexico Music Awards. And Anderson says the feeling is mutual.

“Never have I been welcomed like I have by the people of Truth or Consequences,” he says. “Every time I come back here, it feels like I am returning home. I’ve loved singing this song to them around the campfire, and on the stage. And now, it’s for the world.”

With What’s Your Truth? Neil asks a penetrating question about the nature of truth, consequences, and love. The song combines the lighthearted vibe and jangling tone of songs like EaglesTake It Easy and Traveling WilburysEnd Of The Line, alongside a pointed yet optimistic message reminiscent of John Lennon.

Boasting a unique blend of hook-laden vocals, rich orchestration, and a wall of harmonies, What’s Your Truth? is a sonic standout. The lead vocal rises assertively from a backdrop of 12-string guitars, Hammond organs, chiming lead guitar riffs, and a banjo, building to a transcendent finish. Neil refers to it as “classic Americana, crossed with an impressionistic painting.” The addictive hooks and layered instrumentation offer something new with each play, while the introspective lyrics invite reflection.

Written and produced by Anderson, the track was mastered by Ed Brooks (Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, Fleet Foxes). Production primarily occurred at Taproot Studios in Truth or Consequences with Rob Stroup (Tony Furtado, Anna Graceman), with some tracking at Shadowscape Records in Kansas City, with Sean Lea and Corey Martin (Sweet Remains, Sawyer Fredericks).

From country-rock anthems to big sky power ballads, Anderson covers a lot of ground. A poet by nature, his music is known for its deep and enigmatic lyrics, set to verse-chorus anthems, epic power ballads, and poetic art songs that tell a story. Sonically, he favours a melting pot of genres, blending everything from folk, rock, country and psychedelia to ambient, shoegaze, medieval balladry and Indian ragas. He will release a debut album later this year.

Check out What’s Your Truth? above and below, and meet up with Neil Michael Anderson on his website, Instagram and Facebook.