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Camp It Up | Five Recent Must-Hear Releases From Bandcamp

Today's handful of must-hear artists and releases from my favourite music platform.

I follow hundreds of artists and labels on Bandcamp, and find more to keep track of every damn day. Here are five recent discoveries that I’m digging right now. You’ve got surprisingly soothing sounds from Irish synth-rock eccentric (and friend of Tinnitist) Alpha Chrome Yayo, California pop-punk snot rockets from Sweet Reaper, art-rock ambition from Detroit’s Asklepius, electro-punk hybrids from London’s MPM Producer, and a soundtrack you didn’t know you needed to a movie you’ve never seen, as envisioned by Brooklyn outliers MIL KDU DES. As always, I’ve included the links so you can score the music straight from the source. Tell ’em I sent ya.


Alpha Chrome Yayo
Skylight Sessions Volume 1

THE PRESS RELEASE: ‘Written and recorded entirely under the window of his home studio, Skylight Sessions is Alpha Chrome Yayo’s latest full length album. Filled with nourishing soundscapes, ambient delicacies and intimate compositions, it draws upon the work of luminaries such as Ryuichi Sakamoto, Jean-Michel Jarre, Brian Eno, Laraaji and Joe Hisaishi with its fusion of found sounds and emotive instrumentation. At a time when many are forced to be indoors, this window is a portal to incredibly rich, vibrant worlds. Open it.”

Sweet Reaper
Closer Still

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The Reaper will get you! Sweet Reaper are THE Californian three-piece and Closer Still evokes a cemetery fuzz beast riding previous unseen waves when the end is near. That beach monster has some Wipers/Ramones genes, but the thriving bass lines of Danny and Sasha’s booming lo-fi drums are utter deadly tentacles turning around you when veteran singer/guitarist Seth Petterson’s piercing, exploding vocals poison you like snake-bites. The insanely loud dark-out-of-the-tomb down-tuned punk sound with one of most devilish catchy howled-out vocals the record is the resurgence of the infection we got with the Hex Dispensers‘ first record. This album hit us like a brick on lockdown; such a shredding DIY gem. Remarkable first vinyl, surely not the last!”

Relative To A Mood

THE PRESS RELEASE:Asklepius’ second project Relative to a Mood is an unabashed declaration of joy, triumph, and the resilience of the human spirit in times of confusion and uncertainty. The tracks guide you through this uplifting narrative by weaving melody, polyrhythm, and unique instrumentation into a psychedelic symphony. The sound waves of this EP will bleed through your speakers and wash away anxieties that ail your mind, body, and soul. Named after the Greek god of medicine, Asklepius is composed of Justin Groppuso-Cook on keys, Dave Alpern on bass, and Matt Smiley on drums. They create evocative music that nourishes the human spirit by fusing elements of prog, post-rock, jazz, ambient, and electronica to create alien soundscapes dripping with melody. Known for their epic live performances, Asklepius will leave your soul feeling cleansed and uplifted.”

MPM Producer
Reborn EP

THE PRESS RELEASE:MPM Producer is a modern musician who produces and mixes his own work. He spent 10 great years in a punk rock band as singer, guitar player and songwriter, while he studied for a degree in electronic music and sound engineering. The following years he spent in his own studio, recording and composing. Reborn EP is the first work of MPM Producer. It contains all the influences of the artist from his background as a band member, then composer and producer for other artists. A mix of fast punk rock schemes with modern electronic and urban sounds.”

OK, Bloomer

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A “live” score rooted (sorry) in Das Blumenwunder, a 1926 BASF chemical company production that became Germany’s most celebrated Kulturfilme of the decade. Originally conceived as a fertilizer ad, Das Blumenwunder is a marvel of Zeitrafferaufnahmen von Pflanzenbewegungen (time-lapse recording of plant movements). Presented in hopes gazing upon our chlorophyllic friends might provide mental respite and invoke chill vibes, the film is remixed per request of a MIL KDU DE asking, “Can you do some Fruitopia-ass shit?” We surely can.”