viisi Invites You To Paradise

The pop singer captures the push and pull of a complex yet passionate romance.

viisi wants to whisk you away to Paradise on his new single and lyric video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Paradise is a testament to viisi‘s ability to craft songs that resonate. Masterfully capturing the conflicting push and pull moments of a complex yet passionate romance, he creates a sonic experience that brings the listener up close with powerful interplay of dreams and doubt. The track seamlessly blends contrasting octaves, stark layers of percussion and addictive riffs. The imagery of the chorus rushes in like a euphoric wave, daring the listener to take that bold leap and put their heart back on the line.

“I used to be in this relationship where this girl’s parents absolutely hated me because I made music, they thought I was going to corrupt their daughter,” viisi says. “We always talked about running away and finding a place away from the chaos but we were too chaotic ourselves, we would always fight and eventually the love died. I wonder if she ever found her paradise…”

Photo by CJ Speng.

viisi’s name originates from Finnish word for five, representing the past, present, and future. Drawing heavy inspiration from the trailblazing legends of the ’90s hip-hop scene while also embracing the experimental attitude of alternative pop and rock, viisi embodies creative honesty.

Dropping his first rough cut as a high school freshman when he was just 14, Matthew Borley couldn’t have known that five years later he’d be touring Europe, playing shows in the south of France. The young pop phenom is determined to push the boundaries of what it means to be an artist in the modern era. With a lyrical honesty and unwavering dedication to his craft, viisi is unafraid to delve into his personal experiences pulling from family conflicts, fallouts, reality checks and struggles with self-worth.

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