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Albums Of The Week: Ellis Nodar | 12

Enjoy a dozen superb little pop-rock/jam-band treats by two dudes from somewhere.

Even a pig with no sense of smell finds a truffle now and again. Which is to say: I stumbled across this little gem while rooting around online the other day.

Based on the meagre information I can find online, Ellis Nodar seem to be two guys: Singer-guitarist Tim Nodar and drummer Matt Ellis. They are apparently members of a band called 3Fifths, who seem to exist from somewhere in the neighbourhood of Baltimore and/or Southern Pennsylvania. And this album is supposedly their pandemic side project. All of which is sorta beside the real point, which is this: 12 contains a dozen superbly crafted pop-rock/jam-band treats that are chock-full of effortlessly creative songcraft, playfully eccentric arrangements and tastefully understated performances. If this is what they can do with their time off, I guess I’m going to have to check out their main gig.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A project from Pells and Nodes of 3fifths. Looking for a distraction during the quarantine, we started writing songs, passing ideas back and forth on the interwebs. What started as a challenge to do things differently, to get outside the box, to be our weird selves, became this … Enjoy?”