Eric Sleeper Climbs Over White Fences

The singer-songwriter stakes out his own terrain on his latest single.

Eric Sleeper won’t let White Fences hold him back in his new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A song about discovering your unique journey and escaping from societal norms and expectations, the singer-songwriter’s latest dynamic track signals a fresh chapter in his musical evolution. White Fences is a stirring anthem that resonates with listeners profoundly, urging them to forge their own paths and live authentically. Set against a backdrop of mesmerizing melodies and emotional lyrics, the ’90s-style rocker is a testament to the power of individuality and the liberation that comes from being one’s true self.

White Fences is about finding your own path, letting go of the expectations, and being yourself. The white fence symbolizes the standard and norm, the American dream,” Sleeper explains. “I would much rather be myself, create, and struggle to be happy. That is represented in the line, ‘If it means I’m not them, I’d rather lose than win.’ ”

Sleeper effortlessly blends elements of ’90s rock and grunge with folk songwriting to create a sound that is both evocative and empowering. His heartfelt vocals and introspective lyrics captivate audiences, inviting them on a transformative musical journey. White Fences was created by Sleeper in collaboration with Simon Ficken at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, N.J. Ficken also drums on the track.

Navigating between New Jersey and New York, Sleeper fuses grunge-rock and ethereal songwriting, distinguishing himself from his contemporaries. Seamlessly blending indie, acoustic rock and folk elements, Sleeper creates an enchanting musical tapestry that fascinates listeners. His expressive lyrics strike a chord with audiences, drawing them into relatable narratives.

Check out White Fences above, hear more from Eric Sleeper below, and find him on his Instagram and Facebook.