Jessenia Mills Can’t Escape Her Personal Asylum

The R&B / soul singer-songwriter tries to cope with a crazy little thing called love.

Jessenia Mills remains trapped between love and madness in her new single and video Asylum — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The North Carolina native returns to the music scene with a fresh and enriching approach, as displayed on her latest cut. Known for her otherworldly blend of R&B and alternative pop fusion, Mills captivates listeners with her mesmerising vocals and emotive songwriting.

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, Mills embarked on a creative journey, independently writing and releasing her debut album Love & Madness in 2021. Simultaneously serving as the creative director and filmmaker for her music videos, she demonstrated her relentless dedication to her craft throughout the project. Beyond her music career, Mills is driven by a profound desire to inspire others. Her ultimate goal is to establish a non-profit arts school, providing opportunities for aspiring artists who may face barriers to their dreams.

Asylum represents a significant evolution in Mills’ musical journey. With its soulful nuances of pop and R&B, the single delves into themes of torment and introspection, exploring the complexities of past relationships and personal struggles. Mills’ vocals soar amidst the chilled and melancholic production, evoking a sense of raw emotion and vulnerability.

Drawing comparisons to artists like Willow Smith and Alicia Keys, Mills immerses you with her beautiful voice and expertly crafted melodies. Asylum seamlessly blends modern sensibilities with nostalgic elements, incorporating throwback trap beats and electric guitars reminiscent of vintage 2000s R&B that transcended that genre into the commercial world.

Reflecting on the song, Mills shares, “Asylum is about being trapped in your own thoughts about someone you share history with, bad habits, and cotton candy creates a new kind of asylum.” This personal narrative infuses the track with authenticity and resonance, making it a compelling listen for fans of R&B, pop, and everything between. Mills shows she can effortlessly traverse genres, and Asylum does so in style.

Watch the video for Asylum above, hear more from Jessenia Mills below, and follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.