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Albums Of The Week: The Blank Canvas [ ] | Dark Mirage

The Italian prog-metal quintet take you deep on their immersively heavy second LP.


THE TRANSLATED & EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Dark Mirage, the second album by The Blank Canvas [ ], aims to envelop the listener in a dystopian and distressing narrative.

The album recounts the progressive existential bewilderment of an individual with a lacerating and destabilizing tone: The compositions become hypnotic, deceptive and overwhelming, returning, track after track, the distorted image of a troubled life form in constant change. The journey is like an obscure dream, sprung from the post-apocalyptic expanses, where nature has surrended and has given way to a landscape full of contrasting and multifaceted feelings. You find yourself in the midst of this, with nothing else around except for what remains. Memories of a lost future like blinding hallucinations inhabit an unprecedented scenario made of broken grooves, heavy and elegant riffs, sharp electronics and direct, piercing vocal performances.

Strongly influenced by cosmic horror imagery rendered in a modern key and produced by the skilled hands of Riccardo “Paso” Pasini (Ephel Duath, The Secret, Nero di Marte) at Studio73 in Ravenna, Dark Mirage represents a decisive step forward in sonic evolution of the band which, with the permanent entry of Michele Marchiani’s synths, extends its lineup to five elements.

The Blank Canvas [ ] were born in 2017 by members of Incoming Cerebral Overdrive and Karl Marx Was a Broker. The idea is to create a particular sound based on heavy guitars, powerful basses and electronic finishes that result in an amalgam of sonority attributable only to the band. In 2018 the first album titled Vantablack was released. After a lineup change, the group focused on composing new material mostly sketched during the pandemic.”