Julia Thomsen Adds Some Beauty To Your World

The London composer's latest work comes from her new LP Harmonies of WoMen.

Julia Thomsen proves Beauty is more than skin deep with her new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The London composer’s latest instrumental emerges as a heartfelt expression exuding divine qualities. Thomsen’s composition, driven by the piano, delivers a classical delight brimming with universal appeal. Listeners will find themselves transported away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life as they immerse themselves in the tranquil soundscape crafted by Thomsen and her collaborators. Beauty elevates with each note, building momentum and leaving a profound impact on all who experience its serenity.

Beauty comes from her new album Harmonies of WoMen, fittingly released on International Women’s Day. The album is a collaborative effort involving 10 different female pianists who joined forces to infuse their melodies into this remarkable album. With a collective aspiration to inspire women worldwide to voice their dreams, Harmonies of WoMen stands as a reflection to the power of unity and creativity.

Check out Beauty above, hear more from Julia Thomsen below, and find her on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.