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Atelo Songs Can Be Found Hidden In The Honey

Sam Gleason’s latest collection is a reflection of the human experience.

Atelo Songs searches for the sweet spot in his reflectively personal and off-kilter sophomore album Hidden In The Honey — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

A project aimed to repurpose a life in shambles and reignite a creative spark, Atelo Songs — the creative alter ego of singer-songwriter Sam Gleason — chronicles the singer-songwriter’s recovery journey. Having battled a series of tumultuous life events, ranging from a string of damaging toxic relationships, an apartment fire, and an accident that would leave him with permanent injuries and brain damage requiring 18 months of rehabilitation, Gleason found himself uninspired, battling severe depression and other mental health issues. An outlet of betterment and self-elevation, Atelo Songs slowly and progressively evolved into Gleason’s primary musical persona.

Hidden In The Honey juxtaposes Elvis Costello-esque lyrics that delve deep into a period of intense personal trials. With the soothing, hopeful sounds of an acoustic guitar that symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel, the album offers a beacon of hope and resilience to listeners who experience it. Fuelled by self-deprecating bitterness, unapologetically frank perspectives, and raw wisdom that can only be gained by surviving and growing despite the trauma, Hidden In The Honey showcases a remarkable blend of creativity and diaristic storytelling.

The album features standout tracks Death Dead In Its Eyes and Family Curse. The latter explores generational alcoholism with its opening line spotlighting the dangers lurking within seemingly sweet indulgences. The album’s title, Hidden In The Honey, is taken from this concept, likening life’s complexities to mead — a beverage that is dangerously intoxicating yet irresistibly sweet. Death Dead In Its Eyes is an upbeat yet dark rock tune that features Brendan Kelly of the band A Fragile Tomorrow on the lead guitar.

“The song tells the story of an adrenaline junkie that finds themself hooked on the rush you feel when you do something that’s risky to your own life,” explains Gleason. “Whether that’s skydiving or free-hand rock climbing or some other extremely dangerous physical feat, this person has grown to love brushing up against Death, looking it dead in its eyes. Every time they do something to feel that adrenaline spike, they get closer and closer to pushing their luck too far, and it’s inevitable that Death will finally lose its patience and grab them one day if they continue down this self-destructive path.” These new tracks join the previous single Not In The Mood, which focuses on self-improvement, the acceptance of one’s imperfections, and the importance of taking a break from the constant pursuit of perfection.

Gleason is a singer-songwriter whose work navigates the complexities of life and the human condition through a unique blend of lyrical storytelling and diverse musical styles. With Hidden In The Honey, Atelo Songs invites listeners to explore the depths of personal challenges and the beauty of overcoming them.

Check out Hidden In The Honey below, watch the video for Not In The Mood above, and keep up with Atelo Songs at his website, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Twitter.