Darryl Scotti & Big Yard Come Bearing Proof

The Arizona pop-rockers are drinking to forget in their new single and video.

Darryl Scotti & Big Yard have Proof they’re not over you in their new single and video — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Born from the union of two seasoned producers and a veteran singer-songwriter Big Yard are a dynamic collaboration creating a multifaceted fusion of classic pop-rock, smooth jazz, and more, spun with a sophisticated touch.

Singer-songwriter Scotti, accomplished musician and former guitarist for Columbia recording artists Spiral Starecase, has toured alongside legends like Ray Charles, Billy Joe Royal and Wayne Cochran & The CC Riders, as well as producing for notable names. Now he has teamed up with two phenomenally talented musicians and producers, Alex Chacon and Aaron Howard, to create Big Yard, along with the record label Big Yard Nation, founded in 2022 with Larry Antonino.

Now based in Phoenix, the collective’s dedication and hard work culminates in their debut single Proof — a modern country-rock anthem and genre-bending marvel that resonates universally. Infused with catchy melodies, inventive production, and Darryl’s soulful vocal charisma, Proof showcases a captivating brand of music that lingers long after its end. The single encapsulates a poignant tale of a man entangled in the ache of lost love, bearing his soul through the lyric: “Drinkin’ 90 proof is only proof I still ain’t over you yet.”

Big Yard’s eclectic offering caters not just to contemporary enthusiasts but also to aficionados of legendary artists spanning classic rock to country. Their debut promises a refreshing blend of irresistible hooks, pulsating beats, and stylised lyrical nuances, offering a diverse and rich listening experience. With a promising debut album Poets and Heroes due this summer, the band set the stage for a musical voyage that amalgamates diverse influences into a cohesive and electrifying sonic experience.

Watch the video for Proof above and below, and follow Darryl Scotti & Big Yard on Facebook and Instagram.