Indie Roundup (New Record Edition) | 56 New Songs For Your Weekend

That's right: It's the biggest Friday Roundup ever! Or until next week, anyway.

The Sinclairs invade your dreams, Ganser get lucky, Anyway Gang see green, Nobro live it up, Lauren Rocket gets rattled, Joel Plaskett melts the universe and much, much more in today’s record-setting Roundup. Did I call it or did I call it?

1 | The Sinclairs | Half Way Round Your Dreams

THE PRESS RELEASE: “UK-based mega talented duo comprised of The Damned founding member Rat Scabies and Billy Shinbone from cult psychedelic honkytonk outfit Flipron and most recently guitar slinger for Neville Staple of The Specials are patiently awaiting the release of their debut instrumental gem Sparkle on May 8. “Sparkles appeals to the magpie,” explains Scabies. “It’s a vicious thieving creature, but one with great taste.” The duo is kicking the release into gear by unveiling the video for their very first single, a spooky off-kilter lullaby titled Half Way Round Your Dreams. Sparkle is easy listening made difficult. Scabies describes it as “comfortable unsettling and warmly unnerving.” It’s a cocktail of snaking spaghetti western guitar melodies, freestyle improvised electronica, and explosive punk rock drumming with dark sci-fi and wayward sound effects.”

2 | Ganser | Lucky

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Growth with no reward. Finding strength in your less desirable traits. Coming up with the perfect comeback hours later in bed, glaring at the ceiling. Asking yourself: am I improving, or am I just changing into something unrecognizable? Chicago quartet Ganser probe the futility of striving for self-growth during the chaos of our times for dark comedy and jagged sounds on their potent new album Just Look at That Sky, out July 31. Opening track Lucky announces an explosive energy that evokes the Midwest noise-rock legacy of bands like Jesus Lizard and Shellac, while embracing a more colorful palette of post-punk and art rock influences.”

3 | Anyway Gang | Eyes Of Green

THE PRESS RELEASE:Anyway Gang are sharing a video for Eyes Of Green, taken from their debut self-titled album that came out late last year. Made up of Chris Murphy of Sloan, Menno Versteeg of Hollerado, Dave Monks of Tokyo Police Club, and Sam Roberts of Sam Roberts Band, the Canadian four-piece delivered a slice of Canadian pop-rock perfection. “Eyes Of Green is a song and video about the extinction of humanity. It was written long before this pandemic, and its theme addresses an issue that we must face when we eventually emerge from our cocoons. We hope this pandemic is Mother Nature’s way of sending us all to our room to think about what we’ve done. A moment for us all to reflect and take stock, reset and reflect about how we are going to live when things get back to normal. We’d like to dedicate it to all the healthcare workers and brave humans working at the neighbourhood grocery stores, taking care of the sick and keeping us fed, until we can get to the other side of this. And, yes, when it’s appropriate to plan further ahead than the next meal, we will be announcing those show dates.”

4 | Nobro | Don’t Die

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today Nobro are releasing their ripping EP, Sick Hustle, as well as sharing a video for their track Don’t Die, animated by Greg Doble. Opening the EP with a bang, vocalist Kathryn McCaughey explained “Don’t Die is about a past relationship, but with everything going in the world I think it’s found a new meaning. We worked with our friend Greg Doble on this video and it’s more than we could have asked for. ” Having already shared the stage with bands like The Distillers, Alexisonfire, Fidlar, Pup and Charly Bliss, and co-written tracks with members of Metz and Fast Friends, Nobro are wasting no time in moving to the next level in their fledgling career. McCaughey explains, “we went into Sick Hustle with the mindset of wanting to bridge the gap between live performance and recorded music. It had to be music that we wanted to bump in our 2004 Toyota minivan as loud as we possibly could, and our producer Thom D’Arcy helped us get there.”

5 | Lauren Rocket | Rattlesnake

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Los Angeles-based Lauren Rocket shares the music video for Rattlesnake. An EP featuring a fresh collection of songs will be released this summer. Lauren says “With Rattlesnake, I wanted to write a song about living life dangerously, doing what you want daily and enjoying your limited time here while imposing a strong belief in trying everything at least once. When I got in the studio with my co-writers Jason Bell and Jordan Miller (aka HEAVY) they totally got the vibe and concept and we kind of effortlessly weaved our way through the song. I wanted Rattlesnake to not only convey that lyrically, but I wanted it to feel alive (rattlesnakey) in a sense.”

6 | Joel Plaskett | Melt The Universe With Brotherly Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today, 44 has been released. Tomorrow, 44 releases me as I turn 45. I look forward to performing this new music for you in person down the road, but until then, I hope some of the songs can be part of the soundtrack to your time at home over the next while. The latest single, Melt the Universe with Brotherly Love, was a fun one to record and features the amazing voices of Reeny, Mahalia and Micah Smith. Thanks to them and to the many other great musicians who lent their talent to this recording project. The artwork for the project is close to my heart with great photographs by Ingram Barss & Matt Williams.”

7 | Bonelang | Fox And The Hound

THE PRESS RELEASE: “In anticipation of Bonelang’s new album Saintmaker next week, the genre-bending Chicago duo has released their new music video for Fox And The Hound. The group has always had a propensity for stunning visuals and Fox And The Hound only adds to that claim, finding the tight-knit sonic duality of Samy.Language and Matt Bones being merged into a painting come to life, full of dark and lavish imagery. Also featuring the singer Carlile, the video quickly turns to absurdity in a mansion worthy of Bonelang’s intriguing sound.”

8 | Bishop Nehru | Meathead ft. MF Doom

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bishop Nehru has released Meathead ft. MF Doom, the final single from upcoming LP Nehruvia: My Disregarded Thoughts. Delayed due to managerial disputes, the album is now slated for release on May 8. Produced by and featuring long-time collaborator, friend and mentor MF Doom, Meathead sees Bishop’s masterful flows come to life over a trademark soul sample as he shares the mic with the legendary NYC producer/artist. According to Bishop, his new album’s confessional nature was inspired, in part, by the veteran rapper. “Doom just kept telling me to stop overthinking things and that I needed to use my own intuition more. He taught me how to really embody the music and feel it deep inside my stomach.”

9 | My Kid Brother | Daydream

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Leesburg, Virginia-based band My Kid Brother have premiered the video for their new song Daydream. Watch the colorful clip, which features a clandestine dance party, parrots, and dogs. “It’s a song about remaining true to yourself with the help of the people that love you for who you are,” says vocalist/guitarist Christian Neonakis. “Social norms have a place, but only if they conform to who you are, not the other way around.”

10 | The Jerry Cans | SOS

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Iqaluit’s The Jerry Cans have always been, and will always be, a band from and for the North. But on Echoes, the Juno Award-nominated group’s upcoming fourth full-length record, they’re not the band they used to be. Today, The Jerry Cans debut SOS, the newest single to be shared ahead of Echoes’ release on May 15, along with an accompanying video. Bassist and bandleader Brendan Doherty explains, SOS is about being lost and stuck in a confusing world of emotions and relationships of all kinds. This song was written to express the sense of anxiety and unease that seems to be more present in all of our lives. Recent times have been marked with increasing uncertainty and this rings more true now than ever.”

11 | Jehnny Beth | Innocence

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Songwriter, singer, and multi-disciplinary artist Jehnny Beth has released a third track – titled Innocence – from her forthcoming album, To Love Is To Live, which has a new release date of June 12. Innocence is about the feeling of isolation and distance Jehnny Beth has experienced many times in big cities despite being so close to people all the time. Although recorded well before this, in many ways, it is an eerily prescient song of our now. The release of Innocence is accompanied by a live video of the song filmed at rehearsal for Jehnny Beth’s incendiary live show, which debuted at the BBC 6 Music Festival last month.”

12 | Grist Mil | Collapse Into Nowhere

THE PRESS RELEASE: “To coincide with the release of his Young Dudley EP out today, Grist Mil has shared a timely and relatable video for the track Collapse Into Nowhere. The video focuses on people performing everyday activities while their faces are obstructed by yarn, providing a lucid look into the way the world is seen. The track itself has an atmospheric quality, as Derrick Sherman’s vocals circle around various tones and loops that perfectly accentuate the imagery found in the video. On making the video, Sherman stated: “Kyle and I spent one afternoon sipping on many cups of espresso and coffee (as one should if they are living the good life) and chatting about what I wrote the song about. Through this conversation, He came up with the idea to create a world in which people are doing normal daily activities, but in taking away something as simple as a person’s face, makes you see life through a different lens. We were both drawn to the idea of this intangible connection we all have to each other, even if we are just going about our life.”

13 | Til Morning | Okay

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bright, bold, and energetic, pop-rock band Til Morning delivers hopeful yet gritty vocals, honest storytelling, slamming guitar riffs, and upbeat rhythms that beg you to hit repeat. The new single Okay is an anthemic, life-affirming sing-along custom-made for the sunnier days ahead. The punk-influenced pop-rock band hit the ground running in 2018. With a rapidly growing fan base and increasing exposure, Til Morning has garnered airtime across the U.S. and has played sold-out shows with The Ataris, Allister, Mest, and Lucky Boys Confusion.”

14 | Turmion Kätilöt | Naitu (WARNING: NSFW)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Finnish techno metal act Turmion Kätilöt decided that no matter what, their 9th album will come out as planned — and now is the time. Global Warning was released today and the members of Turmion Kätilöt are very pleased. “This is a dangerous album. F*cking great. We’ve created a snake that will slither its way into the souls of many”, MC Raaka-Pee ponders. “This is the prize we’ve all been waiting for. I can’t wait to perform this to our fans. This album sounds exactly like we wanted it to – no compromises were made”, Shag-U adds. The album release would not be complete without one last single – which is definitely the most outrageous one of them all. “Naitu is like your life on camera. Nothing censored. Nothing fake. Just pure, naked and raw animal-like lust and passion that we all think and feel, yet try to deny. This song is about that delicious ‘something’ that makes your horny body dance”, Shag-U explains. “Is there somebody here who wants pretty, polished pictures? We think all people deserve the truth”, MC Raaka-Pee adds. Naitu is a perverted track, and it comes with an equally twisted video – watch at your own risk!”

15 | Niika | The Cage

THE PRESS RELEASE: “On her debut album, Close But Not Too Close, Niika invites listeners to step into her world of multitudes- warmth, intimacy, and tenderness collide effortlessly with experimentation and playfulness in her songwriting. Stimulating and beautiful, this record juxtaposes an inviting, feminine, and real voice with adventurous rhythmic and textural choices. “I started writing The Cage while sitting on an enormous face of granite in Yosemite National Park, and feeling the vastness of that place. Now we’re all stuck inside, keenly aware of our confines, and the incredible weight of this crisis. I suppose now this song becomes an offering of hope, and a reminder of the beautiful, terrifying sense of smallness we can experience when we’re immersed in nature. A reminder of life, space, the passage of infinite moments, blood pumping through tired legs on a hike, yelling into open air on a mountain or in a crowded bar, joy.”

16 | Ritual Dictates | Poisonous Proclamation

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Today brings the new music video from Ritual Dictates for their single Poisonous Proclamation featuring Canadian rock icons, Danko Jones. Justin Hagberg (ex 3 Inches of Blood) vocalist and guitarist of Ritual Dictates comments on the music video, “This was one of the first songs Ash and I wrote together for Ritual Dictates and was definitely the first of our songs to project our classic rock inspirations. All the stylistic variations on the record were spawned from what this song started, which makes it very sentimental to us — and further to that sentiment, this was also the first song that we had the thought of having a guest vocalist on. The first and only person that we could think of was Danko Jones, so we are beyond stoked that we were able to make that happen and present this video to you here.”

17 | Balance Breach | Dead End Diaries

THE PRESS RELEASE:Finnish Tuska Open Air’s band competition winners Balance Breach unleash Dead End Diaries, the second single taken off their upcoming eponymous debut album, out on July 3. Balance Breach describe the song as follows: “Dead End Diaries is a song loaded full of energy. In the song Nordic melodies come up with rough guitar riffs and rhythms, representing the metalcore sound that Balance Breach will be known for. The lyrics reflect thoughts on a lived life when you meet your personal dead-end, sooner or later. Are you gonna leave your mark on the world by being the person you want to be, and what is its cost?”

18 | Vân Scott | Poster Boy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Many people, have already heard indie-pop singer-songwriter Scott Oatley aka Vân Scott’s voice. As a sought-after singer in the Hollywood session scene, Oatley has had the chance to perform on some of the industry’s biggest, high-profile projects. But now, Scott has been gaining momentous recognition as the solo artist, Vân Scott, and is poised to break out on a larger scale with his latest single. Poster Boy is a confessional song about Scott’s experience overseeing music at his church where he was often revered; a situation he’s never been comfortable with. “People tend to put you on a pedestal when you hold that kind of position,” Scott explains. “I was constantly treated like I could do no wrong, and that’s a dangerous place to be. I felt like I had to play a role and hide my flaws, and so it was hard to be myself. Poster Boy calls out that unhealthy expectation of perfection, whether self-imposed or brought on by others. It’s meant to give the listener permission to be human, since mistakes are inevitable for us all.”

19 | WiL | Bobcaygeon

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver Island based musician WiL has always been known for his incredible guitar-string-breaking live performances and was planning to spend much of 2020 on the road across Canada doing what he does best. Unfortunately, WiL had to postpone all of his upcoming spring tour dates but to make up for it he’s releasing a new live album, Live at the Blue Frog, on May 1. Get a preview with the video for the first single Bobcaygeon.Bobcaygeon was one of the tracks I used to play in Calgary back in my cover days in the ’90s,” says WiL. “I had revisited it in my studio with the intent of playing it live and then Gord Downie passed away and it felt wrong to play it in front of people. But then I was singing it at a soundcheck last year and the venue owner said, ‘you gotta play that tonight’. And so I did.”

20 | David Dondero | Laying At Your Feet

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Here’s something new from our anti-folk anti-hero, David Dondero, to help get this weekend started. With his Spring US tour cancelled, Dondero has found other ways to keep busy. With his new found free time, he pored through hours of cell-phone video from years of touring to put together a stirring video for Laying At Your Feet, a rare love song from his latest LP, The Filter Bubble Blues. Give it a look, and please share it if you are inclined. “Laying At Your Feet is a romantic love song for the greatest sculptor. An open letter to one of my best friends.”

21 | Cadaver | D.G.A.F.

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Norwegian death metallers Cadaver announce the release of their D.G.A.F. digital EP. In celebration of the EP, the band offer fans a lyric video for the title track which features Jeff Walker of Carcass. Anders Odden states, “We are super stoked to release this beast during this very special time. Get your mind off the craziness and enjoy old school death metal.” Dirk Verbeuren comments, “As a legendary band once said, extreme conditions demand extreme responses. We were going to release a 3 song EP sometime after our new album came out, but then a global pandemic happened. While the full-length will arrive at a later date, here’s D.G.A.F. in all its brutal glory. Consider these misanthropic death metal hymns our soundtrack to the end of days.”

22 | Waiting For Smith | Long Life

THE PRESS RELEASE:Waiting For Smith is singer/songwriter Harry Lloyd. Formerly a ski instructor in the French Alps, Lloyd broke his back in two places during avalanche training. Fighting for his life in the helicopter on the way to the hospital he had an epiphany that he should dedicate his life to music. After spending a year in bed recuperating and learning to play guitar, he formed Waiting For Smith, named after endlessly waiting for their original drummer Smith, who always failed to show. Their latest single Long Life glistens with an effervescent, toe-tapping rhythm, warm guitar melodies and genuine lyrics oozing with sincerity, narrating the comforting message that everything is going to be ok. Lloyd confides, “I wrote Long Life while I was recovering from my injury, it became my upbeat theme tune for dealing with disaster.”

23 | Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins | Ironborn

THE PRESS RELEASE:Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins are pleased to present a lyric video for Ironborn. The majestic track comes by way of the band’s forthcoming new full-length, Whore Of Babylon, set for release on its new street date of June 26 (moved to a later date due to the current pandemic). Adds LePond of the latest track, “Ironborn is a power metal punch in the face. Fast and furious riffing with the big Priest-like drop in the middle to ensure the ultimate headbanging experience. All of this is bound together by an epic chorus that will invade your mind for all eternity. Game of Thrones fans rejoice!”

24 | The Dead Daisies | Unspoken

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Dead Daisies have unleashed their first track and video Unspoken off the forthcoming new studio album, Holy Ground. With Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Hughes joining the band, it’s now a leaner four-piece outfit that has brought a new urgency and vigour to their overall sound and vibe. Glenn’s primal rhythms, Deen Castronovo’s equal parts rage and prowess on the drums, the powerful and complimentary fretwork of guitar virtuoso Doug Aldrich and the solid rhythm guitar foundation of David Lowy has elevated the band up there alongside the pantheon of legendary rock bands. Says Aldrich: “This was one of the first songs we jammed on at Sunset Sound in Hollywood and then reworked it slightly in France where we all hit it fresh with the benefit of a few months distance. In that process, David, Ben, everyone pursued ideas to give it a bit more of a Daisies vibe with Glenn’s vision guiding it to a place where it has become an instant classic.”

25 | Zheani | Dirtbike

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Australian rapper, songwriter, and artist Zheani reflects on her past in new single Dirtbike out today. The track demonstrates her signature no-holds-barred approach of raw, emotive lyrics. Harsh themes ride an abrasive beat combining elements of Industrial Metal with contemporary Trap Metal by producer King Yosef. Zheani reflects on her memories of Donkey Dick Dave Jollow one of her mother’s boyfriends growing up and painfully describes her father getting involved in drug trafficking before eventually falling into addiction, “he rode that dark horse into nothin’, funny thing is I still love him.” Zheani states, “It’s so easy for people to pass judgements when coming from a place of ignorance. But if context is provided, understanding and empathy can hopefully follow. I get a lot of criticism for certain decisions I made as a young adult. I realised that people didn’t know about my childhood and the kinds experiences and people I was exposed to. They couldn’t know how these things left me primed to be accepting of certain behaviours. For this reason I decided to give context with a flash of memories in a song like Dirtbike. This ain’t a story, c*nt, this is my real life.”

26 | Foetal Juice | Gluttony

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Four years on from their bulldozing debut album, Masters Of Absurdity, the ravenous dogs of Foetal Juice are back with a new full length record that redefines their own appetite for sickness and savagery. Gluttony is an unflinching exposé of the depths to which the human race has sunk, presented in the language of antagonistic, merciless riffs and raging mayhem. Vomiting on the altars of our icons and tearing apart the false facades of modern society, this is a violent assault on the greed-driven bullshit of modern life. For 15 years Foetal Juice have been carving their path through the underground, armed with black humour and sonic intensity, a death metal machine grinding the opposition into the mud, blood and bile. With Gluttony they have refined their song writing prowess while simultaneously ramping up the power to dangerous levels. The result – an album of death metal from the very top tier, more than capable of taking on the biggest names in the genre – and winning. Foetal Juice have never been heavier, faster, more aggressive or as staggeringly good as they are on Gluttony.”

27 | Keaton Dekker | Makeup

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Enter the world of Keaton Dekker. An uncompromising East London musical and visual artist influenced by The Cure, Britney Spears, ’80s horror movies and the nostalgia of PlayStation 2 games. Debut single Makeup is the first taste of Keaton’s energetic, dreamy and left-of-centre pop. Opening with the line, ‘“I don’t want to feel sorry”,’ the singer’’s fiery vocal mourns and details a friendship that became an indefinite nightmare. Says Keaton: ““I made “makeup” in my bedroom. To record my vocals, I’’d turn the boiler off in my room so it would be quiet enough. After a while though, my Mum would tell me to turn it back on when it got that bit too cold. With the song, I remember playing around with this warbly arpeggiator sound and the rest of it followed. A friend showed me ‘Vienna’ by Ultravox which was an influence for “makeup” too. But my aim was to create escapism and atmosphere. I wanted the sounds to take me far away and sound exactly how I felt.”

28 | Junglelyd | Chacruna

THE PRESS RELEASE:Chacruna is the second single release from the Junglelyd debut album which will be released on May 1. Similar to the plant of the same name, which grows in the lowland rainforests of Central America far away from any civilization, the song unfolds its effective psychedelic, hallucinogenic effect. Rhythm and melody form such a perfect symbiosis, that once succumbed to its spell, the effect is revealed in the all-embracing trance state and thus in the soul of the dance.”

29 | Final Coil | You Waste My Time: Live At The Lab

THE PRESS RELEASE:Final Coil recently released a stunning promo video to accompany the song Convicted Of The Right, the title track of their new EP which will be released on May 1. The rest of the EP comprises three tracks that were recorded live in session at The Lab studio in London and will not be made available anywhere else. The band were captured on film while they were recording their Lab session and today they premiere the first of those exciting live in the studio clips. The song is You Waste My Time which originally appeared on Final Coil’s 2017 debut album, Persistence Of Memory. The track, a live favourite, is imbued with a fierce energy on this new version and also features the drumming talents of Barry French who joined the band for their second album, The World We Left Behind For Others.”

30 | An Autumn For Crippled Children | Water’s Edge

THE PRESS RELEASE:All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet is the impending new full-length from atmospheric black metal unit An Autumn For Crippled Children, set for release May 1. In advance of its release, they unveil Water’s Edge, with the band noting, “Water’s Edge is about special places from one’s childhood. It’s generally about personal ‘special’ sentimental places. That mixed feeling of loss, nostalgia, missing a certain moment in time, missing a certain place long gone, missing certain people… times that will never come back. Times that where good.”

31 | The National Parks | Time

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Folk-influenced indie pop band The National Parks have released their new single Time from their forthcoming studio album Wildflower, due out June 19. Warm acoustic strumming wraps around a glitchy electronic beat on Time before an emotional hook urges for patience and perseverance through struggle, a topic many can relate to these days. “Time was one of the first songs I wrote for this album and was the first one we took to the studio to record,” shares lead vocalist/guitarist Brady Parks. “In a lot of ways, Time was a catalyst for the rest of the album and sparked us creatively. It was also a reminder for us that we all go through dark times, life is full of ups and downs and sometimes the places we want to go can seem out of reach, but we can make it through. Sometimes it just takes hard work, patience, faith and time to make it where you want to go.”

32 | Jake Aldridge | Partners in Crime feat. Leanne Louise

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Award winning hip-hop artist Jake Aldridge is taking the leap of a lifetime as he leaves Rap behind for the release of his first Country-Pop song, Partners in Crime. Co-written with David Booth, Jake’s mentor throughout his transition of rapping to singing, the song features backing vocals by Leanne Louise. The new single is devilishly cheeky, with the change in genre exposing Jake’s mischievous side. “It’s a huge change. Singing in general, is scary as hell for me! I’ve fallen in love with Country music though and one thing that hasn’t changed, is my eagerness to only release music that I’m passionate about.”

33 | Pennan Brae | Synergy

THE PRESS RELEASE:Pennan Brae is a songwriter who combines music & visuals to create involving albums, unique music videos & independent films. His 7th album, 2 Below 0, accompanies the feature-length film of the same name which Pennan wrote, acted in & scored. The album of 12 songs is influenced by classic rock stylings of the 1960s, 70s & 80s. Lead single Synergy is a blistering rocker which bursts out of the gate with a guitar riff that doesn’t let up until the very last beat. The corresponding lyric music video illustrates the meaning of the song.”

34 | Bok Nero & Shizz Lo | Speedin’

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Hyperspeed trap raps flow ferociously over low-ridin grooves on Speedin’, a certified #HoodEDM anthem from Philly’s finest crossover duo, Bok Nero and Shizz Lo. Speedin’ was the first song that Bok Nero and Shizz Lo wrote together when they initially began to collaborate. In their native Philly, MC Bok came out of the hip hop scene and Shizz was coming up as a DJ in the electronic set. Their mutual respect for both genres inspired them to create a fusion that they coined #HoodEDM. Between then and now, Bok Nero and Shizz Lo have become internationally known for their distinct sound. As they toured around the world, one song they would always include in their sets was Speedin’.”

35 | New Language | Can’t Explain

THE PRESS RELEASE: “LA alternative rock outfit New Language have dropped a new 3 song EP titled EP1_2020. Last seen performing at 2019’s Aftershock Festival where they played alongside Tool, Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Chevelle, I Prevail, Gojira, Badflower, Fidlar, and many more, New Language have spent the past several months fine-tuning their always-evolving sound, as can be heard on the latest EP, which incorporates elements of synth and New Wave into the mix.”

36 | Wild Tales | Out Of My Mind

THE PRESS RELEASE: “This catchy tune is a good companion to the quarantine life. Out of My Mind is a math-pop driven smasher about sleepless nights and tinnitus, something every musician and non-musician alike can relate to. Singer Adam says ‘Conceptually I wanted the lyrics to come across as a love song, whilst actually being an anti-ballad about tinnitus! I would literally be going out of my mind lying awake at night with ringing in my ears, wanting nothing more than for it to stop! Tying in ‘call’ with ‘ringing’, there’s also a nod to the undeniable pop banger Call Me Maybe!”

37 | Khemmis | A Conversation With Death

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Denver quartet Khemmis are proud to release their Doomed Heavy Metal EP. Today, also marks the release of the video visualizer for the single A Conversation With Death. The band comments, “We are thrilled to finally unleash Doomed Heavy Metal! As the world continues to navigate these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to embrace parts of our lives that give strength and connect us to others. Heavy metal has done that for the four of us as it has for many of you. Put on this record raise a beverage up high and let these songs bring some light into a dark world.”

38 | Monica Lee | Only One

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Monica Lee uses her powerful voice, sense of humour and poetic chops to warm our hearts as well as to share her pain. That’s never been more evident than on her latest album, Farewell, containing 10 tracks that chronicle a tumultuous past decade in her life. The full album will be available on July 24, but today she releases the first single, Only One. A classic country ballad with echoes of Patsy Cline, Only One is an uplifting moment on Farewell, inspired by Lee mustering the courage to propose to the man she would marry.”

39 | Rachel Beck | Stronger Than You Know

THE PRESS RELEASE:Rachel Beck is gearing up to release her sophomore solo record, and today shares the empowering and uplifting title track, Stronger Than You Know. Inspired by the forest – its strength, resilience, and serenity – the song is a hopeful reflection on inner strength and perseverance through challenging times. “Although I wrote this song long before ‘COVID-19’ and ‘social distancing’ were part of our everyday language, it has taken on new meaning for me these past few weeks,” Rachel comments. “I think many of us have had to connect with inner strength we didn’t even know we had in order to cope during this challenging time. For me personally, spending time in nature has been so grounding amidst all the fear and stress and chaos. When I feel overwhelmed, I walk out into the woods and just breathe. It’s sounds like such a simple thing, but it allows me to reset and find the strength to keep going.”

40 | Hello Halo | Maybe This Can’t Wait

THE PRESS RELEASE: “New York alternative pop/rock band Hello Halo are back with the emotionally charged Maybe This Can’t Wait. This is the latest single, and title track, off the band’s forthcoming debut album Maybe This Can’t Wait, an 8-track collection which will be released April 24. “This song is about addressing how our perceptions have the capacity to create beliefs that can either fuel or douse the fire within us,” songwriter and lead vocalist Paul Nathaniel explains. “The lyrics speak for themselves: if you’re ‘tired of taking orders,’ of being bossed around by life’s relentless demands, and find yourself seeking to live a life that feels more authentic to who you are and what you care most about, ‘maybe this can’t wait.’ Maybe it’s time to act on those inklings, those whispers from your higher self. Maybe it’s time to reject the status quo.”

41 | Ruby Waters | Quantum Physics

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-based alternative singer-songwriter Ruby Waters releases the second single Quantum Physics from her forthcoming EP (summer 2020). The raw, stripped down, acoustic vibe of the new single might remind listeners of the catchy, unplugged feeling and flow from an online session in late 2018 — for her single Sweet Sublime — that went viral and captured the imagination of a legion of new fans. More content this time around to let listeners take in her obvious vocal talents, Waters wrote this “simple tune”, as she calls it, “because sometimes less is more” and “the song is meant to be there for you when you need it.”

42 | The Academy Of Sun | The Parts That Need Replacing

THE PRESS RELEASE: “British psychedelic post-punk outfit The Academy of Sun present the video for their highly dynamic power pop-infused lead single The Parts That Need Replacing, an upbeat taster of The Quiet Earth, an expansive album of breathtaking ambition, which will be released in early summer. “The Parts That Need Replacing was written to sate my desire to ‘reconsecrate’ 16th Century Hungarian countess and noblewoman Elisabeth Bathory, whose reputed cannibalism and serial murders were most likely reputation-staining fantasies dreamed up by the church out of institutional jealousy. How could a woman possess such vast wealth and estates AND resist conformity with the church’s ways of being. Same tarring-brush as used on Jeanne D’Arc and Gilles de Rais. Usually Bathory is immortalised in doom and black metal, so I wanted this reconsecration to take place by feeding these myths, scenarios and allegations of bloodbaths, black magic and eternal life into the medium of a hyper-catchy, high-energy pop song,” says Nick Hudson.”

43 | Answering Machine | Cherry Coke

THE PRESS RELEASE:Answering Machine is a Rock & Roll band out of Brooklyn, NY. Their influences range everywhere from The Replacements, The Ramones, Blondie, The Ronettes, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Bruce Springsteen to Jenny Lewis, Against Me, and plenty in between. Samantha (vocals) and JD (guitar/vocals), two public school teachers in Brooklyn, started the band back in 2016. Close friends quickly filled the gaps with Jackson on guitar, Louis on drums, and Craig on bass. Craig and Louis played in a few popular local Brooklyn bands. Jackson has been playing in bands with JD since childhood. Answering Machine recently recorded their debut LP, titled Bad Luck. Writing and recording this album allowed their influences to blend and the band to find the sound they’ve been developing over the past few years. Bad Luck is out now.”

44 | Ruthie Foster | Joy Comes Back

THE PRESS RELEASE: “After 25 years of delivering unmatched songwriting through soulful blues rooted in powerful gospel hymns, Ruthie Foster brings her experience full circle with her latest studio album, Ruthie Foster Big Band: Live at the Paramount. Accolades and Grammy nominations for her work with the blues unleashed her desire to share a lesser-known side of her talent. Her ninth album with Houston-based Blue Corn Music captures personal favorites from original collections and pays tribute to swing-era heroes with dynamic covers from career-influencing jazz musicians. Having performed globally, often sharing the stage with renowned talent, the Paramount theatre appears to be just a number on her list of landmarks. However, stepping out onto the 105-year old stage of Austin’s grand-dame theater is a symbolic homecoming. Today, Ruthie Foster shares a timely original, Joy Comes Back, from her live album, set for release May 15.”

45 | Gorlvsh | Sheppard One Is Down

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Bringing their bizarre, mathy, metallic hardcore music to ears everywhere, Montreal, QC power trio Gorlvsh (Gore-Lush) are premiering their single Sheppard One Is Down. The track is off their forthcoming debut album New City Vibe due out June 5. With a tornado of crushing heavy sludgy riffs and energetic energetic sound, Gorlvsh is suited for anyone looking for something completely different, the band explains: “We constantly wrote music with the live show in mind. We wanted that to a good blend of all the things we dig that bands do, scrapping the weakest stuff along the way, and constantly iterating upon the songs we dig. Eventually, when we decided to record the full length, we just worked backward from which tracks were most exciting to make something we could be proud of.”

46 | Big Thief | Live Young (Topanga Demo)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Big Thief released Demos Vol. 1 – Topanga Canyon, CA – Feb 2018, a collection of unreleased songs from the sessions that spurred U.F.O.F. and Two Hands. The demos are available to purchase with all proceeds benefiting Big Thief’s touring crew. Available to stream now, Live Young Demo offers a taste of the collection. It opens with hypnotically repeating percussion and guitar, quietly blooming with Adrianne Lenker’s magnetic voice. Towards the track’s close, an interplay begins between the song and ambient drones and noises of unplaceable origin. “We spent the month of February 2018 in a cabin in Topanga Canyon, California, recording 34 demos that were boiled down to become U.F.O.F. and Two Hands, and we’re bringing a handful into light now to share with everyone. We chose 5 of our favorites – none of which appear on any Big Thief records and a couple of which appear in different forms on Adrianne’s abysskiss.”

47 | Old Blood | Collided

THE PRESS RELEASE:Collided is the latest from Halifax heavy rockers Old Blood. It marks the second single from Reckless Calm (out May 11), their first release since 2014 EP, Black Budget Science. “When we wrote and recorded this song, it was very much with the mindset of summertime, windows-down road trips and big groups of sweaty people rocking out at festivals and shows – long before words like social distancing and self-isolation had entered the global lexicon,” said Old Blood’s Josh White. “Clearly, much has changed these last few weeks.”

48 | Carmanah | Best Interests

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Like the rainforests from which their name derives, the steady beat of the west coast can be found within the sound of Carmanah. With one album behind them and one ahead, Carmanah is crafting a musical niche of their very own, a vintage blend of the intuitive and the technical seamlessly woven together by Laura Mina Mitic’s soulfully luminous vocals. The band’s new single, Best Interests, lies somewhere among roots, rock, and blues with a driving melody and lush instrumentation.”

49 | Eleri Angharad | Blank Walls

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Swansea based singer/songwriter Eleri Angharad will release her much anticipated new single Blank Walls on April 17. The track has been written solely by Angharad and was produced and recorded by Lee House at Fieldgate Studio. Blank Walls delivers a Kacey Musgravesesque production overlayed by the hauntingly beautiful vocal of Eleri Angharad which evokes Clare Bowen’s sweet style. The track is a country gem that will delight her loyal fan-base whilst also inviting new listeners to discover her eclectic and unique sonic blend.”

50 | Abi Rose Kelly | Polaroids & Violence

THE PRESS RELEASE:Abi Rose Kelly has released her second single Polaroids & Violence. With the release of Polaroids & Violence, Warrington based Abi has firmly made her mark on the indie music scene, crystallising an incredibly accomplished sound for a musician so new. Polaroids & Violence was written in two very different parts of Abi’s life. Telling the story of how silly mistakes can sometimes turn out to work in your favour, the basis of the song reflects a time of feeling angry at herself for getting so caught up at a party, and another time when she saw her friends struggling at the beginning of a relationship.”

51 | Tru Trilla ft Fly Kwa & Confucious | God’s Sympathy

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Brick City’s Tru Trilla follows up his recent release Word of God with the new single God’s Sympathy, the second from his new album God of Barz out May 29. Produced by Chicago’s DNA Beatz and featuring fellow New Jersey natives Fly Kwa and Confucious, the “hip hop warlords” enter the battlefield armed with a full artillery of verbal ballistics and take it in turn to unleash ferocious lyrical firepower, laying down gauntlets to all contenders over a bass heavy electro banger that reaches inside then tears out the soul. Set the dial high and prepare for the onslaught, this is the real deal.”

52 | Francesca Louise | Out of Sight (Out of Mind)

THE PRESS RELEASE:Francesca Louise is a London based singer-songwriter originally from the North West of England. Combining stunning folk/pop songwriting, sparkling with Joni Mitchell influence and Carol King inspired vocals which tell a thousand secrets, Leading single Out of Sight (Out of Mind) is Louise’s most exposing song. Straight to the point, the song sings about becoming dependent on love and the denial of feelings due to the fear of vulnerability and potential heart-break. It touches on insecurities of giving your heart to someone else and the risks and dangers that are involved in being transparent with your feelings for another person. “It is a constant battle – head vs heart kind of song”, shares Louise. Featuring simple guitar melodies, warm vocals and gentle instrumentation, Out of Sight (Out of Mind) glistens with sincerity.”

53 | On The Spot | Hefe

THE PRESS RELEASE:On The Spot trio’s latest single Hefe is here. Recorded at Soulive drummer Alan Evans Iron Wax Studio in 2014, Hefe has been patiently waiting to drop while OTS founding members Danny Mayer (Star Kitchen, Eric Krasno Band) and Kris Yunker (Alan Evans Trio, Jen Durkin & The Business) have been busy with international tours and recording sessions for many other projects. Mayer and Yunker wrote Hefe on the beaches of Santa Cruz, California with drummer Jeff Wilson. The sunny, psychedelic jazz feel compliments the steady funk-based rhythm of the tune. Mayer’s signature guitar riffs mixed with Yunker’s heavy left-handed bass lines and playful Hammond organ grooves make for a combination that has become OTS’s signature.”

54 | Maya Malkin | Hostage

THE PRESS RELEASE:Maya Malkin is a young singer-songwriter from Montreal, QC, who has made waves in the Canadian music scene with her band, Motel Raphael. Maya’s launching her solo project with the new single, Hostage. Her honest and relatable lyrics and her knack for writing a hook make her a force to be reckoned with and a Canadian artist to get excited about in 2020.”

55 | Leo Lauren | Supernormal

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Southern California songwriter and visual artist Leo Lauren announces the release of his debut single Supernormal. The song will also be included on the rising artist’s EP of the same name, with further details to be revealed in late April. Though Supernormal marks Lauren’s first foray as a professional recording artist, he is no stranger to songwriting, and has carefully crafted a distinct sonic and visual style. “Supernormal seeks to navigate the brazen optimism, great expectations and disappointments of a human experience,” says Leo Lauren. “It is an expression of release from the tension born when moments of personal transcendence and fantasy are persistently confounded by the limitations of occupying a physical body – a body subject to worldly demands as well as the waves of loneliness and isolation that accompany its individual existence.”

56 | Dinah | Radiant Blindness

THE PRESS RELEASE: “On May 15 the EP Afterglow by the Swiss multi-talent Dinah will be released. Now she releases her new single Radiant Blindness. The inner voice tells us that we need this or that because we cannot live without it. Every day we are confronted with images that make us believe what we have and how we should look like in order to be socially acceptable. But isn’t this exactly what makes us victims of this consumer society? The seduction and delusion of a society sick of consumption, which ultimately has to ask itself how much longer this can go on, while we get more and more under psychological pressure and inexorably destroy our environment with it. Radiant Blindness is a mirror that Dinah holds in front of its eyes to remind itself not to succumb to these compulsions and sprinkling of images with false values.”