Roy Lucian Baza Returns To Announce: I’m Finally Me

The singer-songwriter gets back in business with a groovy alt-pop anthem.

Roy Lucian Baza comes into his own with his new single Finally Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

In a resounding return to the music scene, the 28-year-old singer-songwriter formerly known as Dom Baza is set to unveil his second album this spring. After a hiatus due to being diagnosed with glaucoma, Baza embraced progress, inclusivity, and diversity through the power of his music. His debut album Roy released last year, showcased a multitude of genres within the pop spectrum, revealing his broad spectrum of influences and creating an all-encompassing sound that resonated far and wide.

Baza introduces his forthcoming album with the release of the alt-pop anthem Finally Me. The groovy and soulful track serves as a testament to Roy’s journey of self-discovery as an artist and as an individual. Drawing inspiration from artists like The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Prince, Finally Me features an infectious pop rhythm, with Roy skillfully crafting fun-filled melodies that surprise and captivate the listener.

Finally Me is everything to me,” he says. “I’m finally free, I’m Finally Me.” This anthem embodies the joy and emotion of self-realisation, showcasing Roy’s distinct voice and sound. The brilliant horn lines, played by Justin Timberlake’s Regiment Horns, adds an extra layer of quality to the track, highlighting the craftsmanship evident throughout Roy’s music.

Teaming up once again with the talented producer Ben Wilkins, Finally Me stands as a fresh and beautifully constructed modern pop song that leaves a lasting impression on its listeners. The single paves the way for the highly anticipated second album, promising an exciting musical journey ahead for this multifaceted artist.

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